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Jinpu titanium industry raised the price of rutile titanium dioxide

Jinpu titanium industry raised the market price of rutile and gradually increased the price of rutile titanium dioxide

October 11, 2018

Jinpu titanium industry announced on October 10 that in view of the recent rapid price of main raw and auxiliary materials of titanium dioxide, it indicates that the "breakpoint ratio value" is set too small to rise. According to the market situation, Only advanced skills in soil weight can no longer fully meet the needs of this society, and metal pollution has also attracted much attention. From now on, the company's rutile titanium dioxide sales price will be increased by 300 yuan/ton for domestic customers and 50 dollars/ton for international customers on the basis of the original price. Jinpu titanium said that it would closely track the trend of raw material prices and changes in supply and demand, and do a good job in price adjustment of titanium dioxide products in time. This product price adjustment will have a positive impact on the overall performance improvement of the company

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