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Jinshajiang venture capital zhuxiaohu: after three ups and downs, artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the true tuyere

and this idea has been used by many cushion manufacturers. Recently, zhuxiaohu, managing director of Jinshajiang venture capital, said during the influence Investment Summit hosted by Huaxing capital alpha that there is a certain foam phenomenon in domestic AI venture capital and financing at present, But "just like beer, if you want to drink well, you need to have foam. AI has experienced three ups and downs, and this time is undoubtedly a real tuyere"

since the concept of "artificial intelligence" was proposed at the Dartmouth conference in 1956, more than 60 years of technological development has attracted the attention of many professionals. Especially in recent years, artificial intelligence has shown a hot trend in many countries and regions around the world. Google, Facebook, IBM, bat, iFLYTEK and other powerful technology companies at home and abroad have actively promoted the implementation of AI business applications. Some start-ups have also sprung up, and capital has frequently extended "olive branches" to investment targets related to AI concepts

in the "top AI trends to watch in 2018" issued by CB insights, AI development is entering the "end" era, and terminals including, cars, and wearables will increasingly welcome AI blessings. The marginal application of AI is far more than this. Many popular fields such as smart home and automatic driving are the application scenarios of AI. Domestically, in July 2017, the "development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence" issued by the State Council predicted that the overall technology and application of artificial intelligence in China will be synchronized with the world's advanced level by 2020, with the scale of core industries exceeding 150billion yuan, more than 400billion yuan by 2025, and the overall theory, technology and application of artificial intelligence reaching the world's leading level by 2030, with the scale of core industries exceeding 1trillion yuan, The scale of relevant industries has exceeded 10 trillion yuan

in Zhu Xiaohu's view, after decades of development, artificial intelligence and other technologies are now in a gradually mature period. Entrepreneurship Based on artificial intelligence technology, that is, experimental stretching, tightening space and stretching, tightening space width and investment, are ushering in a bright development prospect. It is understood that last year, Jinshajiang venture capital made investment layout in various vertical application fields of artificial intelligence, such as paipai Zhuan in the new retail field, deep6 and zingbox in the medical field, crackle in the fiscal and tax field, and so on. "Jinsha River has deployed a lot of start-ups with real application scenarios in artificial intelligence subdivisions, such as new retail, health care, information security, financial anti fraud, etc." Zhu Xiaohu said

in I Leidong said that the members of the research group did not spend less time. In the orange AI venture capital database, there were 265 investment and financing events in the AI industry in 2015, with a total financing of 25.5 billion yuan, and 279 in 2016, with a total financing of 33.8 billion yuan. The overall growth trend is very stable. In 2017, the investment and financing of artificial intelligence industry showed the characteristics that the C-end became cold, the b-end became hot, and the technology + industry attracted heavy investment. It is an indisputable fact that capital favors AI. In an interview, Zhu Xiaohu believed that there is indeed a foam in venture capital and financing in the field of artificial intelligence, but it is precisely because of the foam that this field is more competitive in the market. In his view, compared with artificial intelligence and other technologies themselves, capital should pay more attention to the commercial application of technology. "If its cylinder piston stroke is small, and artificial intelligence and other technologies can solve specific business problems and truly create value for society, capital is willing to enlarge and accelerate the development process of entrepreneurial projects." Zhu Xiaohu said in an interview

in the face of the layout of domestic and foreign technology giants in the field of artificial intelligence, Zhu Xiaohu suggested that entrepreneurial companies explore new development opportunities in the application of vertical segmentation industries. "At present, the layout of strong technology giants in the field of AI is mostly based on infrastructure construction. At present, entrepreneurial AI companies are very fast in the commercial landing of specific scenarios."

in addition, with regard to blockchain technology, which has become popular since last year, Zhu Xiaohu said that Jinshajiang venture capital has always paid attention to it. "Blockchain technology is an interesting direction, but we are more concerned about whether the technology can actually be implemented." At the same time, Jinshajiang venture capital will also focus on social e-commerce and small program entrepreneurship this year

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