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Jinrui Futures: Shanghai Jiao rebounded to the sky and continued to hold

today's market review: today's main contract 0811 of Shanghai Jiao opened low at 24600, 30 lower than yesterday's lowest point, and then rebounded all the way up, reaching the highest of 25180. At the end of the day, the two were mixed evenly and added additives to suppress the rise. At 2512, the ore demand fell 0, up 325 from the previous trading day

operation suggestions for tomorrow: today, the main contract 0811 of Shanghai Jiaotong fell below yesterday's low, rebounded and rose in the session, but did not break through yesterday's high, and empty orders continue to hold. If you break through 25180 tomorrow, you can stop winning; If tomorrow falls below today's low of 24510, you can increase your position

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