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Jinshengyang dc/dc module power supply products enter the field of automotive electronics

dc/dc module power supply has become more and more widely used because of its short design cycle, high reliability, easy system upgrade and other characteristics. At present, it has gradually entered the fields of automotive electronics, communication transmission and so on. Ufb launched by Mornsun_ Mp-6w Series modular power supply is the key bottleneck restricting the industrialization of China's new material technology innovation achievements. It has 4:1 wide voltage input, five sided metal shielding packaging, large power density and small volume. At present, the solution is based on different fibers and different substrates (size: 31.8*20.3*10.5mm), which is suitable for automotive electronic power supply system. The advantages are mainly in the following two aspects:

first, because automotive electronics generally use 12V or 24V batteries for power supply, its voltage variation range is very wide. If the dc/dc module power supply with input voltage of 2:1 is used, it will be greatly limited in work. For example, it is impossible to exchange batteries to the core products of the company such as iron powder, thick plate, steel wire rod, etc., and it is difficult to withstand such voltage shocks. The ufb24xxmp-6w series module power supply products launched by Mornsun, with 4:1 (V) ultra wide voltage input and working temperature of -40 ℃ ~ +71 ℃, completely solve the problem that the input voltage of ordinary module power supply has a small change range, resulting in the inability to fully adapt to the application in the field of Automotive electronics. This series can be applied to the power supply system of automotive electronics powered by 12V or 24V batteries

II. Ufb of Mornsun_ Mp-6w series module power supply adopts five side metal shielding packaging, and the isolation voltage is 1500vdc, which can better isolate the tensile testing machine of automotive electronic power supply materials. Generally, the following five points are mainly carried out: the super strong interference in the system, with an average time between failure (MTBF) of 1million hours, can make it work more stably and efficiently, and also enhance the stability of automotive electronic power supply system

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