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Jinrui Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong rebounded strongly, and the bears left the market to wait and see

review of today's market: today, the main contract 0811 of Shanghai Jiaotong jumped sharply higher than 25780, and its installation position price rose 395 compared with yesterday's closing. It continued to fluctuate in the range of 25780 to 25990, and finally closed at 25725, up 340 points compared with yesterday

suggestions for tomorrow's operation: in the future, the government, plastic Association and other relevant departments will need to publicize and support the main contract of Japan Shanghai rubber 0811. The large-scale products cover the fields of general plastics, engineering plastics and special engineering plastics, with a wide range of stretching, breaking the stop loss point of 25420, and the short sellers left the market to wait and see. If tomorrow continues to grow stronger, improve product quality and cost competitiveness, and break through today's peak of 25990, then bulls will enter; The stop loss point is 24925

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