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Jinrui Futures: Shanghai Oil Co., Ltd. reached a new high by borrowing the "Dongfeng" of the sharp rise in the external market

international crude oil rose sharply on the evening of the 11th after falling sharply for two consecutive trading days. Do you know the requirements and installation details of installing universal experimental machine fixtures? NYMEX July crude oil futures contract surged $5.07 to $136.38/Barrels. The sharp rise of international crude oil is mainly due to two factors. First, the weakening of the US dollar against the euro. Donald Kohn, vice chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States, said that in view of the high oil price, it was acceptable for inflation to rise in the short term, which formed a check and balance with other Fed officials' remarks on vigorously controlling inflation earlier this week. Second, last week's US oil inventory data released by the EIA on Wednesday night further boosted crude oil futures. As of the week of June 6, the US crude oil inventory fell by 4.6 million barrels, a decline much higher than previously expected. This further deformation and strengthening is one of the precious properties of metals, which plays an important role in metal pressure processing and ensuring the safety of machine parts in case of occasional overload, which has caused investors' concerns about crude oil supply

yesterday, under the adverse impact of the external market, Shanghai oil company stepped out of a wave of market that first suppressed and then rose, and the trading volume and position volume were amplified, indicating that the rising momentum of Shanghai oil company was strong. Today, Shanghai oil company borrowed the "east wind" of the sharp rise in the external market and fluctuated after the high opening. The main contract 808 of Shanghai oil company finally closed at 5111, hitting a new high again, but the trading volume and position have declined. The daily K-line also closed at a negative line with a long shadow line, and is far from the moving average. Pay attention to the callback risk

from a fundamental point of view, the demand for fuel oil is still strong. In the spot markets such as Shanghai and Guangdong, the demand for non-standard diesel oil in China's traditional petrochemical industry is currently very large, and the demand is strong. The supply of non-standard diesel oil is tight, while the price of fuel oil, as the raw material of non-standard diesel oil, is expected to continue to rise

in terms of operation, it is recommended that Shanghai oil company continue to hold multiple orders

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