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Jinmei paper has successfully cooperated with Haida and purchased a set of packaging testing instruments

November 2013 is a month worth celebrating for the Haida instrument paper testing project team. The newly upgraded paper instruments have been stationed in Jinmei paper, the largest paper enterprise in Shantou. We are honored to cooperate with the leader in the paper packaging industry in eastern Guangdong, which is also a full affirmation of our company

this cooperation will effectively promote the influence of our company's instruments in the paper industry in eastern Guangdong. We will take this as a new starting point, strengthen product research and development, improve product quality, constantly consolidate the strength of Haida instruments, and promote the brand operation of Haida instruments. We will meet the specific testing needs of customers with excellent quality, reasonable price and perfect service, and provide customers with a comprehensive laboratory design scheme, Haida will work together with our customers to achieve common development

this time, we also followed our technicians to Shantou to experience the whole teaching process! In the morning, we came to Jinmei paper laboratory and began the disassembly and assembly of the instrument

Jinmei paper gbt4158 ⑴ 984 metal Abby impact test method industry mainly produces paperboard. The instruments purchased this time are paperboard testing instruments and some base paper testing instruments. The main machines include: carton compression testing machine, ring blank pressing machine, low pressure bursting tester, high pressure bursting tester, thickness gauge, halogen moisture meter, quantitative sampler, etc.

due to the size problem of the laboratory door, the carton compression machine cannot be moved directly, Finally, it was decided to remove the upper and lower pressing plates and carry them in three steps! In view of the heavy quality of the carton compression machine, Mr. Liao of Jinmei paper called a number of personnel to help split and carry. Thank you very much for the assistance of Jinmei people. The next work depends on our technicians. After installing the upper and lower pressing plates, the instrument needs to be calibrated, mainly the parallelism and displacement deviation of the upper and lower pressing plates. This is a patient and meticulous work with excellent UV protection function. The instrument should be adjusted to the most accurate state to reduce the test error. (for customers who do not need to split the carton compression machine, this link can be omitted and can be used directly)

after the successful commissioning of the carton compression machine, our technician explained to the personnel of Jinmei quality inspection department the 2 test function of the carton compression machine. American cities and counties can avoid the late protection cost: compression and stacking, as well as its specific operation methods, precautions and maintenance related knowledge

next is the guiding operation of the ring blank holder press and two burst resistance meters. As for other small instruments, Mr. Jin meiliao did not need to teach the machine because he had used them before

when all the instrument teaching machines are completed, the two-day experience of the simplest rotation mode teaching machine is coming to an end. During the whole process, I deeply experienced the hard work of technicians and understood the specific needs and ideas of customers. Once again, I thank Goldman Sachs and Jinmei paper for their recognition of our company. Haida looks forward to win-win with you

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