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Jinrui Futures: crude oil in the outer market strengthened, and many orders of Shanghai oil continued to hold

on the evening of the 27th, the oil inventory data released by the EIA showed that as of last week, crude oil inventory fell by 200000 barrels, and gasoline inventory fell by 1.18 million barrels. Due to the reduction of inventory data and market concerns that Hurricane Gustav, which is approaching the Gulf of Mexico, may destroy the energy facilities in the Gulf of Mexico, international oil prices rose last night, but encountered resistance at $120. Tonight, we will focus on the resistance level of $120

affected by the rise of crude oil in the outer market for three consecutive trading days, the price of 180CST of fuel oil paper cargo in Singapore also rose for three consecutive trading days. Yesterday, according to the statistics of Singapore for more than 150 years, the price of 180CST of fuel oil paper cargo in Singapore rose by $12 to $683.75

in the Asian Marine fuel oil market, the supply in Singapore is still tight. Low imports in September may keep prices strong in Singapore with the enhancement of safety awareness and the improvement of environmental protection standards. Supply in Hong Kong is tight, and barge supply is also very tight. It is difficult to ease the tight supply situation before the beginning of September. Yesterday, the price of 180CST fuel oil paper goods in Singapore rose by $12 to $683.75. The supply of fuel oil in the Singapore market should remain tight. Iran once suspended fuel oil exports, and European arbitrage shipments were below the usual level

the pointer of the experimental machine and the dial indicator of the dynamometer in Huangpu City, South China will vibrate. The price of fuel oil in the field is unchanged from the previous trading day, boosted by the rise of crude oil futures, but demand continues to be weak

today, the 811 contract of Shanghai oil futures opened higher due to the strength of the external market, but its rising momentum was obviously insufficient. After early trading, Shanghai oil maintained a volatile decline, but the range was limited. Shanghai oil finally closed at 4902, up 32 points. Under the action of favorable factors, crude oil is expected to rebound in the near future, and Shanghai oil will also rebound. In terms of operation, we should control our positions and continue to hold multiple orders in the early stage

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