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Application of soft PLC in the control system of injection molding machine

using soft PLC to control the work of injection molding machine, using PC as the hardware support platform, with the help of PC's powerful processing ability, the soft PLC has high work efficiency and improves the cost performance of products. The soft PLC adopts IEC61131 standard instructions and program language, which makes it easier for users to program

after decades of development, traditional PLC has become a mature technology. It has been widely used in the field of industrial control with its high speed, high performance and high reliability. However, people gradually realize that as an environmental protection material with great development prospects, traditional PLC has its own shortcomings: because the products of traditional PLC manufacturers are incompatible with each other and lack clear and consistent standards, it is difficult to build an open hardware architecture; The programming methods of the products of various manufacturers are very different, and the technical professionalism is strong. The staff must 3. The system accuracy is less than 0.5%, and the programming method of a certain product can be mastered only after a long period of professional training; The production of traditional PLC is monopolized by several manufacturers, resulting in the slow growth of the part price ratio of PLC. These problems have become factors restricting the development of traditional PLC, and researchers in the field of industrial control have been seeking ways to solve these problems. In recent years, with the rapid development of computer technology and the formulation of IEC61131, an international standard for PLC, an emerging technology that breaks the limitations of traditional PLC has developed. This technology is soft PLC technology

the so-called soft PLC technology is to use PC as the hardware support platform and use software to realize the basic functions of standard hardware PLC. In other words, the control function of PLC is encapsulated in the software and runs in the environment of PC. Such a control system provides the same functions of PLC and also has various advantages of PC. The application of soft PLC in the control system of Feng plastic machine will improve the processing speed and production of the control system, and can improve the efficiency of material production and the cost-effectiveness of cost-effective products. At the same time, the soft PLC based on IEC61131 standard has richer instructions and standard programming language, and it is easier for users to write programs

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