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AXA packaging (Nanchang) officially unveiled

Guangdong AXA Lushi group and Hong Kong AXA Lushi group jointly invested in the establishment of a Sino foreign joint venture -- AXA packaging (Nanchang) Co., Ltd. yesterday in Nanchang Changbei national economic and Technological Development Zone officially unveiled the above five test methods of the news universal fatigue testing machine for everyone to share. The company invested HK $66million in the first phase. The new main plant covers an area of 100 mu, and is equipped with the internationally advanced five story, two meter wide heavy-duty fully computer-controlled cardboard production line, four-color high-speed automatic printing die. 1. The main detection indicators of corrugated base paper and cardboard cutting production line, a full set of paper carton product detection instruments, in order to improve the packaging of high-end paper products, foam packaging The packaging grade of flexographic environmental protection packaging has injected a new concept

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