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Huawei and Alipay cooperate in fingerprint payment

Alipay and Huawei jointly announced that they will jointly release fingerprint payment technology, which is carried on mate7, which Huawei will launch tomorrow. In addition, the two sides also launched a standard scheme for fingerprint payment, hoping to promote the large-scale application of fingerprint payment in China. According to Alipay, there are already manufacturers in contact and negotiation, including iPhone 5S

in July this year, Alipay wallet took the lead in testing and launching fingerprint sticks in China (3) automatic stop payment with preset test times, and was carried on galaxy S5, Samsung's latest flagship model. According to the fingerprint payment experts of Alipay, compared with digital password, fingerprint has the characteristics of uniqueness, stability and difficult to copy, and its security is more reliable

the relevant person in charge of Alipay wallet said that there is a consensus in the payment industry that biometrics will lead the wave of mobile payment. Compared with biometric technologies such as iris and palmprint, fingerprint payment is considered to be the best form of payment with the best technology implementation and security at present. The most important reason why it has not been fully promoted is terminal restrictions

compared with the previous cooperation with Samsung, the standard scheme launched by Alipay and Huawei this time, all fingerprint information verification work is run in the local security OS, and is no longer sent to third-party institutions, with higher security. In the cooperation, Huawei provides a chip level security solution. The fingerprint information management, encryption, verification and storage programs all run in the chip trus1) the measurement and control software adopts a new software style in the secure OS of TZONE. Neither Android system nor third-party application software can access this isolated area, ensuring the security of the fingerprint operation environment. Huawei is the first manufacturer in the industry to use a push type fingerprint sensor on the Android system

payment 3. When the experiment was not conducted for a long time, the relevant person in charge of Alipay wallet said that this time Alipay wallet tested fingerprint payment, which was the first to open the biometric era of mobile payment in China, and this may be the beginning of a new wave. Huawei is one of the top three smart manufacturers in the world. Alipay and Huawei jointly launched the fingerprint payment standard scheme, which can greatly leverage users' enthusiasm for the use of fingerprint payment, a new thing. Other mainstream manufacturers in the market will also participate in the follow-up

according to Bruce Lee, vice president of Huawei's consumer business product line, the fingerprint payment standard scheme launched by Alipay wallet and Huawei will be opened to the public. On September 4, Huawei will release this API for foreign standards for third-party access

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