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Huawei and geordio work together to help smart government make a new chapter in the cloud

in the turbulent Internet + era, the construction of government cloud is in full swing. On June 1st, 2017, the Chinese government informatization conference with the theme of cloud government affairs and digital leadership future was held in Guangzhou. As a partner of Huawei's Government cloud ecosystem, wudajio Information Technology Co., Ltd., a leading domestic spatial information intelligent service provider, attended the conference and shared the wonderful theme of the joint application of space-time information cloud in the new smart city. Li Deren, a heavyweight guest and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of engineering, delivered a wonderful speech on the theme of smart city operation brain based on cloud computing, and focused on the smart city operation center jointly built by wudajio and Huawei, as well as the smart Lintong city operation center, the strongest brain in Lintong built by wudajio, which won wide attention and praise on the scene

the opening ceremony of the 2017 China government informatization conference

Li Deren, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of engineering, delivered a speech

experts gathered at the meeting. Li Deren, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of engineering, delivered a wonderful speech on the theme of cloud computing based smart city operation 3 and the selection of brain for temperature and humidity boxes. Academician Li Deren started from the development process of smart cities, He put forward his own forward-looking views on the challenges faced by the construction of smart cities and the announcement of the path planning of automotive materials entering the aluminum era, big data in smart cities, cloud computing and data mining, smart city operation centers, etc. Academician Li Deren pointed out that smart cities are the future development direction. Relying on cloud computing to deeply mine big data in smart cities can peek and mine the laws of natural and social changes; The smart city operation center is the heart of the smart city, which will collect and monitor all kinds of data in the operation of the city in an all-round way, and provide intelligent and personalized services to the government, enterprises and individuals. It is worth mentioning that Academician Li Deren focused on the smart city operation center jointly built by wudajiao and Huawei and the smart Lintong city operation center, the most powerful brain in Lintong, which was created by wudajiao. He showed the on-site guests the ability to realize early warning, monitoring and resource scheduling of urban development through big data, cloud platform and other information technologies, It dynamically shows the operation center's grasp of the city's running signs

Yao Ming (sixth from the right), vice president of vudgio, participated in the launching ceremony of Huawei government cloud ecosystem cooperation

work together for win-win cooperation. At this conference, Huawei held a grand launching ceremony of the government informatization ecosystem. As a strategic partner of Huawei, vudgio attended the ceremony and started a new chapter of cooperation with other ecosystem partners. Yao Ming, vice president of wudajiao, said: in the future, wudajiao will further increase cooperation with Huawei, jointly aggregate cloud computing and big data resources and technologies, unite forces, release potential, create value, build a government information cooperation ecosystem for users, jointly promote the development and implementation of users' political cloud and other businesses, and promote the construction of new smart cities to a new level

Tan Chengguo, deputy general manager of Wu daji'ao surveying and mapping and geographic information application division, made a speech

professional discussion, which was brilliant. At the sub Forum on government informatization, Tan Chengguo, deputy general manager of the surveying and mapping and geographic information application division of Wu Da GIO, took the construction of Xuzhou space-time information cloud platform and related applications as an example to share the theme of the joint application of the new smart city space-time information cloud. President Tan said: the smart Xuzhou spatio-temporal information cloud platform is supported by the unified cloud computing environment of the city, establishes a spatio-temporal big data center and spatio-temporal information cloud platform covering the urban area, introduces mature and advanced technical means such as virtualization technology and cloud computing technology, provides brand-new geographical entities, data fusion, spatio-temporal services and intelligent analysis, and provides data for land and resources management, urban data analysis, and industrial smart applications Service and capacity guarantee

wudajiao spatiotemporal information cloud platform and smart Lintong case exhibition

in the case exhibition area, wudajiao spatiotemporal information cloud platform solutions and related application cases attracted many guests to stop and understand

this conference is hosted by China Electronic Information Industry Federation and Guangzhou industry and Information Technology Commission, and co organized by Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. The conference gathered representatives from relevant national ministries and commissions, provincial and municipal governments, academia and business circles to jointly discuss cloud computing to gather government applications, big data to promote the integration and sharing of government information systems, and promote the modernization of government governance capacity

Huawei's simple function goal is 10 points short of introduction

as the world's leading provider of information and communication (ICT) solutions, Huawei adheres to the vision of enriching people's communication and life, adheres to continuous innovation around customer needs, and cooperates openly with partners to build an end-to-end solution advantage in the fields of telecommunications, enterprise networks, terminals, audio and video. Through 170000 dedicated Huawei people around the world, we are committed to creating the greatest value for operator customers, enterprise customers and consumers, and providing competitive ICT solutions, products and services. At present, the low market demand for products will also prevent manufacturers from investing too much in research and development. Huawei's business covers more than 170 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 1/3 of the world's population. Huawei, founded in 1987, is a private enterprise with all shares held by employees. For more details, please refer to Huawei official:

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