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Huawei has the ability to work together with ecological partners to accelerate ecological value-added

if it can use all its forces, it will be invincible in the world; If you can use all your wisdom, you will be fearless to saints. In the digital era, in order to achieve better development, successful transformation and embark on the road of digital development, the efforts of a single or a few enterprises are far from enough, and the power of ecology has become indispensable. From May 17 to 18, the Huawei China ecological conference 2021 with the theme of "being able to have something because of gathering" was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Wu Hui, President of Huawei's China government and enterprise business

at the conference, Huawei, together with nearly 20000 ecological partners, built a capacity-based ecosystem around the supply-demand relationship with the characteristics of digital transformation, crossed the new digital divide hand in hand, and created a trillion level new value space

2+4+1: work together with partners to build bridges and roads in the intelligent era

the continuous growth of Huawei's government and enterprise business in China is inseparable from Huawei's perfect ecosystem, which is a fertile land for the common development of Huawei and thousands of partners. At the meeting, Wu Hui, President of Huawei's China government and enterprise business, delivered a keynote speech titled "being able and promising through gathering". He said that in the next 10 years, with the continuous release of huge productivity due to the transformation of social development mode, the value space of industry digital transformation will be extremely broad. He said that in the face of opportunities and challenges in the future, Huawei and its ecological partners should jointly build a supply-demand relationship with the characteristics of digital transformation, achieve two focuses, four changes, and adhere to one keynote

2 focuses:

1) deepen and penetrate the industry, explore and form various standards for thousands of activities and scenes in the digital space

2) increase investment in cities and regions, and be a good helper for partners in cities, cities, districts and counties and other fields of hope

4 changes:

1) abstract the uncertain digital transformation into five types of deterministic offerings, including infrastructure, scenario, cloud, digital architecture, and business transformation, and meet the diversified needs of various types of transformation customers through determined and rich offerings

2) the whole cycle of digital transformation has no end point, so the construction of delivery and operation capabilities and the iterative upgrading of solutions are the key to supporting the rolling development of digital transformation needs and sustainable ecological growth

3) evaluate and grade the capabilities of partners, and promote the transformation from channel partner system to capability partner system

4) set up a talent development department in China to help partners get through the knowledge skill productivity transformation process, and increase the resource investment in ICT training in Colleges and universities to provide sufficient talent supply for partners

1 keynote:

adhere to the core values of taking customers as the center; Support the efficient collaboration of various partners through mechanisms, organizations, platforms, etc; Protect the interests of all parties on the basis of fairness, justice, sunshine and transparency, and win-win new space for digital transformation

every generation has the mission of transformation. When we stand today and imagine the future, we should work together as bridge builders and road builders in the intelligent era, cross the new digital divide and move towards the intelligent world of interconnected things. Wu Hui said

build a capacity-based ecosystem and achieve higher value growth

in 2011, Huawei held the first ecological conference in Dongguan. 2021 is the tenth anniversary of the conference. Along the way, Huawei has worked with ecological partners to develop together, and through increasing investment in all aspects, it has brought about the growth of business scale: in 2020, the number of partners dealing with Huawei's Chinese government and enterprise business exceeded 11000, the number of joint solutions issued with ISV partners exceeded 1600, the local business increased by 45%, and the number of Huawei certified certificates in China reached more than 300000

the digital market of government and enterprises is developing rapidly and has a broader prospect. The development of this market is the result of the advanced ability of the digital ecosystem to constantly adapt to changes

only by stimulating the ability of partners and bringing more powerful support to the improvement of the system can the ecological vitality be continuously enhanced. Wu Hui proposed that from the perspective of ecosystem, we should move from a channel based partner system to a capability based partner system

because of gathering, there is energy and achievement. Working together with partners with ability and common ideas to help these customers achieve better development or greater business success, and create more and greater value with ability, has made the whole ecosystem undergo advanced changes

adhering to customer-centric is Huawei's consistent core value and the cornerstone of ecological prosperity. He Dabing, vice president of Huawei's China government and enterprise business, said in his speech that the current industry digitalization can be divided into five levels: L1 informatization enhancement, L2 scenario digitalization, L3 business digitalization, L4 data capitalization and L5 digitalization transformation. In order to better meet the transformation needs of industry customers at different stages, Huawei and its partners provide five types of offerings, namely, providing leading ICT technology for L1 customers, providing industry scene product portfolio capabilities and cloud/management/edge/end architecture capabilities for L2 customers, providing business cloud capabilities (application enabled, data enabled, AI enabled) for L3 customers, and providing data capitalization capabilities for L4 customers, And promote industry standardization; Provide L5 level customers with digital consulting and integration capabilities, as well as auxiliary operation capabilities

establish value-added partnerships and accelerate ecological value-added

in the face of many uncertainties in the future, Yang Wenchi, vice president of Huawei's China government and enterprise business, said in his keynote speech that Huawei should build a determined ecological capacity and create an ecological collaborative cube. In the vertical dimension, we should build up the digital scene innovation of the industry through capable partners (consulting/aggregation/solutions); We will step up cooperation with local and municipal partners (oc/distribution) to jointly expand the long tail space. In the horizontal dimension, through the talent ecosystem, we can open up the knowledge skill capacity talent supply chain and inject a steady stream of ICT talents into the ecological partners; Provide financial and operational support for digital transformation projects through investment and financing partners. In the time dimension, the ecosystem is protected by the continuous construction of e+ digital platform and the maintenance of sunny, transparent, fair and just ecological order

the whole ecosystem is mainly achieved through the further integration and improvement of partner capabilities. To better maintain such a system, we need to encourage partners to upgrade their capabilities and innovate, build multidimensional high-level capabilities, tap more business innovation needs through comprehensive technology industry integration, and continuously create deterministic value for customers while accelerating ecological value-added

Huawei and its partners will cultivate capabilities based on industry benchmarks and industry standards, carry out scale replication in the industry, and promote the digitalization of the industry

Huawei believes that with the improvement of industry digitalization from L1 to L5, Huawei will share a bigger and bigger cake in the process of customer transformation. Of course, the ability requirements of Huawei and its ecological partners are also getting higher and higher. Huawei's goal is always to help customers solve the transformation problems due to their involvement in the industry, and help customers succeed in business. In the next five years, more and more industry customers will gradually move from L1 to L5. Huawei also hopes that ecological partners can continue to upgrade their capabilities in the process of moving towards the intelligent era

the goal of Huawei and the whole ecosystem is to build a road and bridge for the future, work together to cross the digital divide, realize the deep integration of the digital world and the physical world, and let the digital economy coexist with the real economy. Press the setting key on the lower board, and the number of times the display flashes. 2. Check the pad shift key, and add 1 key to switch between the number of times and the clamping length, so as to set the number of experiments and the development of the clamping length, Let technology driven commerce achieve balanced social development, bring the digital world into everyone, every family and every organization, and build an intelligent world with interconnected things

the 14th five year plan points out that in the future, we should accelerate the development of digitalization and build a digital China. Entering a new stage of development and facing new historical opportunities and challenges, Huawei will always work with its ecological partners to grow and develop together. In the new blue ocean of the digital era, we should build a more prosperous capacity-based ecosystem, keep close to business, open up greater opportunities, and escort customers' digital transformation, value growth and business upgrading

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