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Huawei and SNIA jointly held the 2015 storage technology summit

ctiforum on November 5 (Li Wenjie): on November, the annual lowest price storage technology summit 2015 with the theme of transformation was held in Shenzhen. The summit was jointly hosted by Huawei and SNIA (the global network storage industry association for tightening when the oil that comes out does not contain bubbles), which brought together Professor Albert fert, the Nobel Prize winner Professor David hung Chang Du, IEEE fellow (academician of the American Society of electrical and Electronic Engineers), as well as experts in the storage field from Huazhong University of science and technology, Intel, Baidu, micron, SanDisk, focused on hot technical issues such as the trend and core value of business driven storage, the new generation of storage architecture technology, the technical trend and application practice of new storage media, and the application of next-generation storage systems, More than 20 keynote speeches and summit dialogues were held to jointly discuss how to use innovative storage technology to meet future opportunities and challenges under the huge business transformation and transformation

storage summit 2015 group photo of guests

Mr. Zhang Xinyu, head of Huawei's technology planning department, delivered an opening speech: storage is facing a huge change and transformation. The mobility, socialization and cloud of Internet services have brought new changes to data storage. At the same time, the rapid transformation of storage media, the virtualization and serviceability of storage functions and other business and application changes, All drive the changes of storage system and underlying technology

Professor Albert fert, winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize in physics

professor of Paris Sud University in France and winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize in physics, Albert fert believes that theory guides the direction of technological innovation, technological innovation leads competitiveness, and at the bottom of storage technology, it relies on core technology and theory to break through the storage bottleneck. The latest research on spin orbit coupling has made great progress in the technology of electrically heated plastic granulator, although it has been widely implemented in the country. Using DMI effect means, the storage unit of STT-MRAM can be reduced to a few nanometers, which greatly improves the density and performance of storage media. In addition, Professor Albert fert has also studied topological insulator and ferroelectric technology

Professor David hung Chang Du, IEEE fellow, said that big data faces many challenges, such as how to acquire knowledge from massive data, make the best decisions based on data, what data to retain, what data to save for a long time, and what data to delete. Emerging storage media include NVM, smart hard disk, SMR disk, and emerging applications include big data, mobile applications, and new storage databases, And the characterization of these emerging loads mapped to the i/o load on storage

Cha Wei, chief architect of Huawei storage, said in his keynote speech that more and more enterprises want to deploy it and data on the cloud. The next development of enterprise data center will be hybrid cloud, and its core lies in hybrid cloud storage

at the meeting, Chris Mellor, editor in chief of the register storage channel, presided over a seminar on the opportunities and challenges of business driven storage. Since its first meeting in 2013, the annual storage summit has continuously focused on the future technology and trend development of storage, built a broad high-end communication platform for technology lovers in the storage industry, and has become a high-end Summit for the development and evolution of core technologies in the storage industry on the basis of different fixtures

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