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Huawei, together with ChinaSoft people, helped Shanghai taxation bureau build 12366 all media customer service center

Shanghai Taxation Bureau, including Shanghai Local Taxation Bureau and Shanghai National Taxation Bureau, has 16 District bureaus, 6 tax inspection bureaus and 7 branches, which are responsible for Shanghai's taxation, tax administration, tax reform policy settlement and other work, with an administrative staffing of more than 3000 employees

at present, with the rapid economic growth of Shanghai, the software and hardware technology of the original 12366 customer service system, which undertakes the business external window of Shanghai Taxation Bureau, is outdated, and it is difficult to meet the expansion of new applications. Therefore, Shanghai Taxation Bureau urgently needs to build a new technology platform to improve the functional positioning of customer service center

based on its professional capabilities in the call center field for more than 20 years, Huawei, together with Hangzhou zhongruan people, has provided Shanghai Taxation Bureau with a new end-to-end integrated all media customer service system. Founded in August 2000, Hangzhou zhongruanren is a member enterprise of China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd., a world top 500 enterprise. Up to now, softan people have participated in the construction of hundreds of call centers of government departments in China. By summarizing the advanced management experience and concepts in the industry, and based on a comprehensive call center management system, they have launched a management system for call centers of government departments. With its high flexibility and flexibility, the system seamlessly embeds the personalized service process and information management system of government departments in the call center, and has become a keen sensory system of government departments in the network era. The system can analyze the call center traffic volume and accurately estimate the human demand, so as to effectively allocate tasks, enable the most appropriate person to provide the most appropriate service at the most appropriate time, effectively manage the human resources of the call center, and improve the efficiency of customer service on-site management

based on the technical strength of Hangzhou zhongruan people, which is generally difficult to design due to their high temperature and low temperature resistance during calls, Huawei chose zhongruan people as a partner in the construction of 12366 customer service system of Shanghai Taxation Bureau. Huawei's end-to-end integrated all media customer service system, through the use of highly integrated u2980 equipment, realizes wide and narrow band integrated access, and provides rich media resource capabilities for the customer service system of Shanghai taxation bureau12 from a domestic perspective 366. In addition, Huawei's end-to-end integrated all media customer service system provides the latest generation of carrier level platform reliability design, which can support the 99.999% high reliability of Shanghai taxation bureau12366 customer service system. Specifically, it includes the following aspects:

1. Huawei's end-to-end integrated all media customer service system provides an integrated end-to-end dual active call center platform based on soft switch. The overall solution includes u2980 access gate, USM multimedia processing, CTI middleware, IVR analysis processing, interconnection processing, recording, fax, report, quality inspection and monitoring, IP phone, integrated storage and other functional modules, The overall solution has the characteristics of large capacity, high reliability, easy expansion and easy deployment. The overall scheme group is very simple. Two centers and four cabinets can realize the scale deployment of 3000 seats, and the site, energy consumption and other operating costs can be saved by 50%. The single platform can be smoothly expanded to 10000 seats, which can effectively support the rapid expansion of the future business of the 12366 customer service system of Shanghai Taxation Bureau

2. Huawei's end-to-end integrated all media customer service system adopts the latest generation of u2980 equipment, which can support SIP and E1 access capabilities. It can not only meet the current access needs, but also smoothly support future IMS network access and protect customer investment. U2980 is a high-capacity and high-performance queuing machine. The maximum scale of a single platform can support 20000 seats. The capacity of a u2980 frame is equivalent to a cabinet of other manufacturers. At the same time, based on the reliability design of the latest generation of carrier level platform, it supports 99.999% high reliability. U2980 equipment has voice, video and other media processing capabilities. It uses hardware media resources to realize IVR playback and reception, and realizes venue recording through its own venue capabilities and media resource processing capabilities. By using the media resources of u2980, avoid deploying large-scale servers, and make the solution realize the perfect integration of high integration and high reliability of measures such as product self inspection, process mutual inspection, quality special inspection, etc

3. Huawei's end-to-end integrated all media customer service system provides unified multimedia access to voice, video, fax, SMS, and Internet services. It can achieve unified queuing, unified routing, unified reporting, unified monitoring, and provide agents with the same interface to process business, and it is easy for business analysts to develop and formulate business strategies. By unifying the design of the host and auxiliary equipment of the experimental machine through various channels, we have learned from the technology integration and linkage of Xianjin in Shimadzu, Japan. With the help of seats, videos, expert customer service, remote collaboration and other capabilities, we can help the 12366 customer service system of Shanghai Taxation Bureau realize cross channel integration and improve the overall service level of customer service

through the application of Huawei's end-to-end integrated all media customer service system, the software and hardware technology of the original system of 12366 customer service system of Shanghai Taxation Bureau has been newly upgraded, which not only reduces the operating cost, but also achieves an immediate effect in realizing highly reliable operation. At the same time, the whole system design supports the continuous evolution of the business from traditional voice customer service to multimedia customer service such as customer service, video customer service and customer service, and can meet the 12366 customer service business needs of Shanghai Tax Bureau in the next three to five years, thus supporting the rapid development of the business of Shanghai Tax Bureau

at present, Huawei's end-to-end integrated all media customer service solution has been widely used in many industries such as Internet, operators and finance. Huawei also continues to invest in the field of call centers, and continues to expand its cooperation relations with many partners, including softan people. With its strong R & D and service capabilities, Huawei can quickly respond to the needs of customers and escort the smooth operation of customers' businesses

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