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Huawei announced the official commercial use of cloud computing. Amazon cloud actively seeks to land.

on January 1, 2013, the water cement ratio was thinner according to the method strength test. Huawei announced the official commercial use of its cloud computing business. So far, many Chinese enterprises, such as Inspur, Shanda, Sina, Alibaba, have begun to provide public cloud services

it is understood that foreign public cloud landing mainly faces three problems, the first is the qualification problem, which is also the most difficult problem to solve. The second is the local data center; The third is the operation and maintenance unit of public cloud services. In 2012, Microsoft solved the problem of public cloud hardware implementation with the help of its partner 21vianet. At the same time, Amazon has also set up its Asia Pacific integrated Department and cloud computing center in Beijing. According to relevant media reports, Amazon is negotiating with some domestic IDC manufacturers about the landing of Amazon public cloud in China. Insiders told sutu that cloud computing manufacturers including IBM and Amazon are looking for domestic cloud computing, but it is difficult to find a suitable partner like Microsoft. 21vianet is one of the few independent data centers certified by ISO in China

in 2012, the global IT service market grew steadily and achieved a certain growth rate The scale continues to expand, and the tensile test can also be called large tensile test. However, North America is still the largest market, and the Asia Pacific region continues to maintain a high growth rate. There is still a big gap between domestic cloud computing manufacturers and those in developed countries that supply the use methods of thermal insulation material tensile testing machines of Jinan testing machine factory. Sun Pishu, chairman of Inspur, said that the best informatization in China is the industry cloud, large enterprises, and the financial industry. The industry cloud is a unique opportunity in China's cloud computing industry. Tian Suning, the founder of the cloud base, said in a previous media interview that cloud computing has brought integration to the IT industry from integration to segmentation. Through cloud computing, IBM, Oracle, sap and other foreign countries have also launched big data software and hardware all-in-one machines. The same approach shows only one trend: in the future, the software and hardware of cloud based platforms will be integrated

it analyst Wu Jie said that domestic cloud computing manufacturers have the advantage of being close to the water, especially in industries involving national security such as finance, telecommunications, government and power. At the same time, with the acceleration of industrial transformation and upgrading and informatization in other industries, domestic cloud computing manufacturers are expected to be close to the water. This typical representative is Inspur. Of course, if Huawei, Lenovo and other enterprises, as well as operators' cloud computing business arrangements are appropriate, You'll also get a big piece of cake

as early as April, 2010, Inspur Group has released China's first self-developed eight way high-end server. The company has become the third manufacturer in the world to have the ability to independently design, develop and produce large server systems after IBM and HP, and provides a hardware foundation for cloud computing. In addition, the annual profit contribution of Huasheng Tiancheng's cloud computing business is also maintained at a 10% increase of 50 ± 5 mm/min

Zhang Yihao, a cloud computing engineer, is not optimistic about Huawei's cloud computing business. He said: if it is in 2010, there is still hope. At that time, the gap between cloud computing manufacturers around the world was not large, but now the gap has widened. In addition to the gap in technology, there is also a gap in business models. In particular, the public cloud is very important to win the trust of customers. Huawei is a little late now. Of course, from the perspective of the development of national information industry, we all hope Huawei can do well. In addition, we also have Langchao and Godson. The catfish effect is very useful. If Amazon and Baode's businesses are also implemented in China, it can truly let domestic IT manufacturers find the gap

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