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Huawei and Shenzhen Metro showed the joint solution of metrobox and smart construction site in Sweden. From June 9 to 12, the International Association of publictransport (UITP) was grandly opened in Stockholm

the metrobox and smart site solutions jointly created by Shenzhen Metro and Huawei made a wonderful debut at the meeting, comprehensively demonstrating the innovative application of T technology in the rail industry after leading ICs such as cloud computing, big data and AI were adjusted to the clockwise rotation of the pointer equal to the high indication

aims to build a safer, more efficient and more intelligent track management system by jointly building leading technologies and solutions, continuously improve transport capacity, stimulate service innovation, and comprehensively help the future digital transformation of smart track

visual smart subway

one screen is visible, one map is managed, and one linkage

the smart city rail metrobox solution laboratory displayed this time must be equipped with new corresponding instruments and equipment to meet the standard requirements. Scheme:

realizes the comprehensive integration and sharing of all kinds of information such as subway company operation, construction, investment, operation, manpower, finance, contract, etc

through large screen monitoring, app, PC and other ways, managers can grasp the overall operation situation of the Metro Group in real time

at the same time, through big data analysis, video analysis, artificial intelligence, GIS, integrated communication and other advanced technical means, we can realize one screen visualization, one map management and one linkage

for abnormal conditions, intelligent data analysis will make intelligent judgment and prediction, and respond quickly; Even prevent in advance and take the initiative to provide decision-making basis for decision-making management departments. Moreover, the emergency command system provided by the platform can also realize the functions of unified reporting of emergencies, real-time perception of emergency resources, unified scheduling of command centers, and linkage response of departments at all levels

safe smart site

promote production, improve efficiency and simplify management

in addition, the two sides also jointly demonstrated smart site solutions. Safety, efficiency and experience are the three core themes pursued by the transportation industry. With the development of science and technology, the field of subway construction urgently needs intelligent upgrading. The program:

will help subway projects under construction with the help of machine vision, 5g technology and IOT

realize remote monitoring, AI intelligent analysis, automatic alarm, real-time response and other functions

reduce the probability of safety accidents and facilitate the scientific and intelligent management of the site

for example, in case of violations such as workers not wearing safety helmets, smoking during working hours, illegal placement of materials, and irrelevant personnel entering the construction site, the system will automatically judge violations, automatically generate alarm information and push it to the person in charge of relevant regulatory departments for processing, so as to minimize manpower, improve work efficiency, shorten reaction time, and reduce the probability of accidents. Help the construction site realize more scientific, smarter and safer management, and create a smart construction site

the cloud track plays the movement of travel

Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd., founded on July 31, 1998, is a large state-owned enterprise 100% controlled by the Municipal State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission. After 20 years of development, an industrial system integrating track construction, track operation, property development and asset management has been established, and a development mode integrating subway, intercity and national railway has been established. Its business covers subway engineering construction, track operation, property development, commercial operation, property management, engineering survey and design, etc

this time, Huawei canceled the theme of the experiment to participate in the meeting and held the Huawei global rail summit, which attracted more than 100 industry organizations, rail operators, integrators and partners, including the world public transport conference and Exhibition (UITP), the industrial interconnection Alliance (IIC), Hong Kong Railway Co., Ltd, Wood plastic composite new materials are also an emerging industry in China, sharing the successful industry practice of the world

Huawei adheres to the concept that people are easy to walk and things flow smoothly, and has provided products and services to 220000 kilometers of Railways and expressways, more than 100 Urban tracks, and 50 + global railway owners. Based on a deep understanding of the needs of rail transit customers, we will continue to explore the application of 5g, cloud, big data, artificial intelligence and other new technologies in the industry, and work with partners to develop new solutions to help customers improve operational efficiency, increase operational revenue, and improve passenger service levels

both sides will jointly promote the development of urban rail transit communication and information technology, and lead the progress of the industry with scientific and technological innovation

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