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Huawei agile switch s12700 has obtained miercom performance verification certificate

Huawei agile switch s12700 has achieved good market performance since its release on August 8, 2013, and its industrial applications cover government, finance, large enterprises, education, medical treatment, transportation, radio and television, etc. On April 2, 2014, at the interop conference held in Las Vegas, miercom issued a performance verification certificate for Huawei agile switches

ctiforum news on April 3 (Li Wenjie): at the interop conference held in Las Vegas, Huawei agile switch s12700 received the performance verification certificate issued by miercom, a world-renowned third-party evaluation organization. Huawei's first agile switch s12700, which is the most innovative in the industry, has been comprehensively tested and evaluated by miercom. It mainly evaluates the SDN capability, fully programmable capability, characteristic performance, throughput, scalability and fault recovery capability of the equipment. In miercom's evaluation for switch manufacturers in the industry, Huawei's agile switch s12700 is the first equipment to pass the fully programmable capability test, and has SDN commercial capability. The key conclusions of the test are as follows:

as the core equipment of the next generation Park, the agile switch s12700 has full programmable and SDN capabilities such as onboard AC and unified user management, and supports protocol independent forwarding (POF)

Huawei agile switch s12700 achieves 100% line speed forwarding in the performance test of configuring 384 10GE ports, without data frame loss, delay and jitter

in the reliability test link, the switching module can achieve n+1 redundant backup. When any switching board is unplugged, the whole machine can still achieve non blocking zero packet loss switching under full load

and SEP date is April 24 ⑵ the agreement has the ability of fault convergence within 50ms of open-loop

hardware BFD supports fast fault detection and failback without packet loss

in the RFC 2544 test, the agile switch s12700 is configured with 384 10GE ports, and all ports are fully connected. Under the condition of full load traffic, it can achieve full line speed and non blocking forwarding for traffic of different frame sizes

Huawei agile switch s12700 has full programmable capability, non blocking forwarding capability of full line speed messages, excellent elastic expansion capability and redundancy protection capability. In addition to the excellent performance of the device, in the full load test scenario, the power consumption of the device is lower than the industry average power consumption of products of the same level

miercom issued the performance test certificate of Huawei's agile switch s12700 on interop

(left: Robert Smithers, CEO of miercom, right: Liu Shaowei, President of Huawei's enterprise network product line)

miercom CEO Robert Smithers praised that Huawei's agile switch s12700 can play an important role in the current and future parks, thanks to the future oriented design of s12700 and its ability to adapt to evolving user needs. In general, we found that Huawei's agile switch s12700 has comprehensive functions, powerful performance and excellent fully programmable ability. Since last August, we have witnessed the pace of agile switch s12700 going out of the laboratory and into commercial deployment on the market. Like our predictions and comments, the agile switch s12700 has been highly recognized by global enterprise customers

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