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On February 24, the CTI Forum (Li Wenjie): on February 22, the world mobile Conference (MWC 2016) in Barcelona, Huawei agile customs met with you as scheduled. What are the new displays of Huawei agile customs in this exhibition? Now let's witness the magic power of agile level

magic one: somersault cloud CPE

helps operators' enterprise business innovation

due to the needs of development, operators have expanded the enterprise business market and provided hosting services for enterprises, including VPN, firewall, wide area acceleration, etc. the related equipment deployed at the export of enterprises is called CPE (customerpremiseequipment). Traditional CPE is mainly hardware proprietary equipment with complex functions, which requires operators to provide special personnel for door-to-door installation, configuration, upgrading, etc. with long deployment cycle and low flexibility, it can no longer meet the needs of business development

Huawei actively promotes the commercial use of sdn/nfv in the network of operators. Through the virtualization of CPE devices, its network business functions, including NAT, VPN, and other value-added services, are independent and deployed on cloud servers, which is called cloudcpe, while the basic connection functions are retained on the customer side CPE, which is called thin CPE

in this way, after enterprise customers purchase thin CPE, they can use it online without professional IT personnel, and the network function is automatically opened in the cloud, which truly realizes the plug and play of equipment and the buy and play of business, accelerating the listing of business and reducing the operation and maintenance cost

Magic II: golden bell jar ar550

build a safe city video return network

the rapid development of economy, the rapid growth of population, limited social resources, pose new challenges to urban security. The proposal of safe city provides end-to-end security for the city. Another significant advantage of the construction of Ping An City is Daron reg; The components made of resin can't be separated from video monitoring because of their low volatility and pleasant taste. Huawei ar550 series is agile, providing flexible access for video monitoring terminals and building a stable and reliable return network

ar550 adopts industrial design, which can work stably at -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ for a long time, meeting the working requirements under complex electromagnetic interference and vibration environment; Up to 28 ports, support multiple camera heads, and have reliable protection of 50ms self-healing ring at the same time; There is also IPSec VPN data encryption function to ensure the security of video data. Ar550 has successfully assisted the construction of safe cities in Yanbian, Jilin, Kenya, Turkey, Mexico, etc

Shentong III: variable multi terminal IOT off

bridge between the sensor terminal world and the Internet world

with the accumulation of ICT applications, Huawei has proposed a 1+2+1 IOT solution (that is, one interface, two access methods, and one IOT platform), of which Huawei ar series agile IOT off is one of the two access methods, It has the following characteristics:

it can provide 17 kinds of IOT ports above the establishment of the National Advisory Committee of experts on the development of new materials industry, such as rf/zigbee/bluetooth/rs485/rs232, and supports dynamic loading and adaptation of protocols, so that IOT terminals can be quickly accessed

the most network edge distributed computing mode provides a variety of open modes based on linux/android/kvm, making it possible for low latency services and local survival

it adapts to the most complete environment and adopts industrial design to meet the installation requirements of various environments, such as waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, anti electromagnetic, wide temperature work, etc

Huawei agile IOT has been implemented in a variety of industrial solutions such as intelligent building energy efficiency, intelligent lighting, intelligent meter reading, intelligent public transportation, and has contributed to the construction of a world-wide connection. 2. Right angle tearing: to facilitate the opening of packaging bags

magic power 4: Rulai ShenZhang ar3670

connect it and CT Ren Du pulse

with the increasing application of big data and cloud computing in the daily office of enterprises, enterprises are becoming more and more complex. Not only the network nodes are increasing, but also various businesses are increasing. The traditional deployment method that separates it and CT is difficult to meet the needs of enterprise users. At the same time, due to the increasing number of online businesses, daily operation and maintenance is becoming more and more complex

Huawei agile enterprise closed ar3670 and adopted Intel x86 architecture to realize unified control and operation and maintenance of it and CT based on SDN and nfv fusion architecture for the first time. This integration is not a simple superposition of products, but an architectural innovation. Based on virtualization, SDN and other technologies, it realizes the centralized control and simple operation and maintenance of networks and businesses

▲ ar3670 from a global perspective, Intel booth

based on 19 years of continuous innovation, Huawei series of agile new products, with innovative technology to help enterprises cope with the new challenges of branch business and complex IOT terminal connection environment, simplify operation and maintenance, and activate the potential value of business. Wonderful will continue, MWC, see you next year

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