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Huawei's agile government Park helps the Brazilian presidential palace to achieve efficient government informatization. The Minister of administration of the Brazilian presidential palace said: Huawei completed the technological transformation of such a large network in only three months, with an unprecedented response speed; Not only that, but also help us achieve the ultimate goal of saving 20% of administrative expenses, which is very rare! I hope Huawei can bring excellent products and solutions to our state government to achieve a win-win situation

located in Brasilia, the capital city, the presidential palace of Brazil is the main office of the head of state and the core administrative agencies of the government, including government offices, government it data centers, etc. it is one of the most important government networks in Brazil, and the industry has great appeal. There are more than 5000 government staff, 7000 office computers and 3000 IPS in the presidential palace. The daily office business is complex and busy

▲ side effect drawing of the presidential palace of Brazil

the pony pulls the cart, and the network capacity restricts the operation of IT system

bandwidth bottleneck leads to inefficient office. With the rapid development of information technology, video conferencing, instant messaging, mobile office and other applications have exploded, and the network bandwidth has encountered a bottleneck, which can not meet the existing business development, and the user experience is poor. Finally, the office staff give up using the video conferencing system and choose the traditional work out method for meetings. The original intention of the presidential palace to save travel expenses and improve efficiency through the video conference system has not been realized

frequent failures cause difficulties in operation and maintenance. In order to ensure the reliability of the network, the original network used a ring group, which often caused a broadcast storm, and the IP phone system restarted or dropped in a large area. At present, it has a mixed group of equipment from multiple manufacturers, which cannot be accurately located in a short time after problems occur, and network maintenance is difficult

it continued to invest beyond the policy. According to the policy document on modern administrative office issued by the Brazilian federal Congress, the annual reduction target of administrative expenditure of the government industry is 20%. In order to fix the current problems, it continues to invest every year, resulting in a decrease of only 7% in operating expenses, which is far from the government's goal

Huawei's agile Park helps the presidential palace with efficient government informatization

in view of the current situation, Huawei has provided the Brazilian presidential palace with an agile government park network solution with simple structure, speed-up, minimal operation and maintenance, and continuous evolution to solve the current bandwidth bottlenecks, operation and maintenance difficulties, and reduce TCO (total cost of ownership)

● speed up 10 times to ensure the smooth operation of the business

realize the full 10GE interconnection through the hardware cluster at the position where the core side switch is placed, help the bandwidth speed up 10 times, and meet the smooth upgrade from 10GE to 40ge/100ge. The convergence and access sides are stacked, and the desktop bandwidth is upgraded from 100m to 1000m to ensure the smooth operation of the business

▲ comparison of parameters before and after the reconstruction of the presidential palace in Brazil

● farewell to the storm and interruption, SVF virtualization, easy operation and maintenance

using stacking provides a certain development opportunity for manufacturers of coatings and adhesives. In addition, link aggregation breaks the original ring group, links are double active, network modularization is decoupled, resources are clearly scheduled, network resources are 100% available, and flexible expansion ensures uninterrupted business. At the same time, SVF (super virtual fabric), the industry's only switching hardware cluster technology, is provided. A park network is virtualized into a switch, which can simplify the configuration template, reduce business complexity, centralize visual management applications, facilitate control, flexible resource scheduling, automatic distribution, and simplify it operation and maintenance

▲ a park network is virtualized into a switch

● continuous long-term evolution, reducing the total TCO

Huawei agile park is the industry's first sdn2 The driving system of the tensile testing machine is introduced into the solution of the park network. It takes full account of the evolution needs in the next 5 to 10 years. It has the evolution ability from 10g to 40g/100g network and the ability to be fully programmable according to the business, helping the presidential palace reduce the total TCO and achieve the goal of 20% administrative expenditure savings in the long term

agile park creates the ultimate network demand of BRICs countries

the president's office of Brazil uses the industry's only hardware cluster and stacked link backup technology, and the reliability of the entire network has been greatly improved. The desktop office access bandwidth of government personnel has been upgraded from 100m to 1000m, with access to the above-mentioned full 10g interconnection. The audio and video applications are clear and smooth. The previous irregular business disconnection and other situations no longer appear, and the office efficiency and customer perception have been significantly improved. Now, all network devices realize visual unified management, improve the efficiency of network operation and maintenance, and greatly improve the efficiency of fault location and processing

guarantee network performance, smooth transition from 10GE to 40ge/100ge business, protect customers' current investment, and face the long-term evolution of SDN network in the future

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