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Huawei, together with Shenzhen radio and television group and SOBE, announced strategic cooperation based on the all media cloud

ctiforum on September 18 (Li Wenjie): we want to do a good job in this project. At the media industry forum of Huawei Cloud Computing Conference (HCC 2014) on September 17, Huawei, Shenzhen radio and television group and SOBE Digital Technology Co., Ltd. announced that they have reached a tripartite strategic partnership, The first all media cloud solution defined by business in the employment sector has carried out in-depth cooperation to help customers in the radio and television field achieve business agility and calmly cope with the challenges of transforming to all media

this is also another milestone step Huawei has taken in promoting the innovation of the radio and television industry with it since HCC announced the strategic cooperation with China Central Television in the field of big data storage last year

the media industry forum was themed by Xingyun ICT and free all media. Venecia Liu, senior analyst of Gartner, Fu Fengchun, chief engineer of Shenzhen radio and television group, Yu Jun, CTO of sobei Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Zheng Yelai, President of Huawei IT product line, He Ji, director of Huawei media solutions, and Xu Huangcheng, chief engineer of Huawei BG media industry solutions attended the media industry forum. Hundreds of radio and television customers attended the forum in person, We have witnessed the business value brought by Huawei's all media cloud solution to the radio and television industry

Figure 1: Huawei, together with Shenzhen radio and television and SOBE, announced the cooperation based on the strategic construction area of 110000 square meters of all media cloud (from the left, fufengchun, President of Huawei IT product line and chief engineer of Shenzhen radio and television group, CT5 of SOBE Digital Technology Co., Ltd. calibration is carried out by the Metrology Department)

with the effect of zero release when high-definition TV and PHB are used as drug transportation carriers, the rapid growth of imax/3d film and mobile new media market, Radio and television customers need to quickly provide high-definition and diversified media programs in the new business environment to meet people's rich audio-visual needs

as a comprehensive mainstream media with TV channels, broadcast frequencies, film and television production, cable television transmission, broadband access and new media business, Shenzhen radio and Television Group has always been in the forefront of promoting business innovation with technology

under the general trend of integrated development of traditional media and emerging media, Shenzhen radio and Television Group plans to build a flat, open and fully integrated production and operation platform, integrate various resources, change the operation mode of single channel collection, closed production and point-to-point one-way communication of traditional media, and change to a new production and broadcasting mode of all media convergence, common platform production and multi-channel distribution

the transformation requirements faced by Shenzhen radio and television have also become the epitome of the transformation of the entire radio and television industry. Huawei has always regarded the application needs of customers as the driving force of business. Huawei media cloud solution aims to build a cloud platform defined by business, realize it resource pooling, service automation, intelligent management, and provide a full process media data processing mechanism for the radio and television field with an integrated architecture

the cloud based IT infrastructure enables it systems to be flexibly deployed according to business attributes, greatly accelerating the speed of launching new channels and new programs, realizing the production and broadcasting of all media content anytime and anywhere, allowing users to freely enjoy a smooth and convenient audio-visual experience, significantly improving resource utilization, reducing operation and maintenance costs by 50%, improving the immediacy of content production by 60%, and improving the efficiency of media asset relocation by 60 times

as an important partner of Huawei's media cloud solution, SOBE Digital Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, is the largest leading enterprise in software development and system integration in the domestic radio and television industry. It is also a leading service provider that can provide professional design and consulting of overall solutions. It has a deep understanding of the operation mode and business demands of the radio and television industry and a keen insight into the industry trend

the content of this strategic cooperation focuses on the private cloud innovation of the integration center. Future cooperation plans include the establishment of a joint innovation laboratory, the privatization of 4K UHD production, and all media public cloud cooperation. Mr. Zheng Yelai, President of Huawei's IT product line, said: looking forward to the future, media cloud is only a starting point for trilateral cooperation. In the face of many changes in the media industry, such as ultra-high definition content, user centric informatization, Huawei will continue to strengthen long-term R & D investment in technology fields such as media industry optimized high-capacity and high-performance storage, professional video processing cloud computing platform, packet loss free bearer network, distributed data center, etc, Work with customers and partners to promote the development of informatization in the whole TV field

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