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The first new electric Avenue in the UK charges electric vehicles through street lamps

original title: the first new electric Avenue in the UK charges electric vehicles through street lamps source:

a study conducted by Siemens found that more than one third of British drivers are planning to buy a hybrid or all electric vehicle as their next vehicle, and 40% of them said that if the charging infrastructure is better, They will buy faster. Now, Siemens and ubitricity have cooperated to install EV charging points on a street lamp in Westminster, London, making it the first street in the UK where street lamps are given dual responsibilities

in London, drivers think that there are only 100 to 200 charging points available in total. Ubitricity, headquartered in Berlin, began to convert street lights into charging points in 2015. Now it has installed about 1300 charging facilities in London together with Siemens, a project partner. Nokia's understanding of plastics has reached a superb 7 The oil collector of the oil pump is not pressed on the pump body

this technology has been installed in the existing street lamp posts and uses the already available infrastructure, so there is no need to excavate roads to lay new cables. Electric vehicle users insert smartcable into the street light bar and connect the other end to the vehicle, thus allowing electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to "charge" all night along the streets without driveways or garages. The meter box in the cable records how many kilowatt hours are used and charges the customer accordingly

at present, there are 296 street lamp charging points in use in Westminster, but it is reported that Sutherland Avenue is the first residential Avenue completely converted in Britain. Two adjacent roads will also be converted in the coming weeks. The City Council hopes to build 1000 such charging stations in central London next year

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