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On July 6, it was learned from the Northeast Branch of the state power corporation that in the first half of this year, Northeast Power achieved remarkable achievements in promoting new energy consumption, and the overall situation was satisfactory. From January to June, the new energy power generation capacity in Northeast China was 37.733 billion kwh, a year-on-year increase of 30.24%, accounting for 15.32% of the total power generation capacity of various power sources, an increase of 2.24 percentage points. Among them, the wind power generation was 33.071 billion kwh, a year-on-year increase of 22.37%, and the photovoltaic power generation was 4.662 billion kwh, a year-on-year increase of 143.57%. The abandoned power of northeast new energy decreased significantly, with 1.872 billion kwh, a year-on-year decrease of 62.22%, of which the abandoned wind power was 1.819 billion kwh, a year-on-year decrease of 62.48%, and the abandoned light power was 53 million kwh, a year-on-year decrease of 50.62%; The power rejection rate of northeast new energy was 4.73%, a year-on-year decrease of nearly 10 percentage points

by the end of June, the total installed capacity of new energy in Northeast China had reached 36.38 million KW, accounting for 25.62% of the total installed capacity of various power sources. Among them, the installed capacity of wind power is 27.96 million KW, and the installed capacity of photovoltaic power is 8.42 million KW. The installed capacity of PV exceeds that of hydropower (8.13 million KW), becoming the third largest power supply in Northeast China

Northeast China branch and power companies in Northeast China take multiple measures to promote the consumption of new energy. First, the Northeast power grid was strengthened, and the ability to optimize the allocation of resources was significantly improved. With the commissioning of lugut HVDC and its supporting projects, the main frame of Northeast power has been significantly improved, and the consumption capacity of new energy has been greatly improved. Second, give full play to the ability of cross regional resource optimal allocation and improve the northeast new energy consumption. Is the resistance of the 2 and 3 pins of the measuring amplifier changed? If the resistance value produces a level. Through Lugu DC and Gaoling DC, Northeast power has organized 786 transactions of surplus wind power trans regional delivery to North China, increasing the amount of wind power delivered to North China by 689million kwh, and the maximum increase in the amount of wind power delivered to North China at the trough is 2.2 million KW. Third, further strengthen the inter provincial peak shaving support in the region and improve the overall level of new energy acceptance in the northeast region. From January to June, a total of 958 inter provincial peak shaving support activities were organized, and 1.404 billion kwh of new energy was increased. Fourth, the northeast electric power peak shaving auxiliary service market makes the specimen subject to axial tension under the action of axial load play an important role. In the first half of the year, the total amount of electricity generated by all wind power due to the auxiliary service market was 91. It can also reduce power consumption 5.1 billion kwh, raising the acceptance level of wind power by 27.65%. Fifth, actively promote the flexibility transformation of power generation enterprises and improve the power peak shaving capacity. At present, a total of 12 thermal power plants in Northeast China have completed the flexibility transformation, and the wind power capacity has been increased by 2.4 million KW during the trough period. In the first half of the year, 890million kwh of wind power was accepted due to the flexibility transformation

in the second half of the year, on the premise of ensuring the safe and stable operation of electricity, Northeast power will further improve the auxiliary service market mechanism, promote the flexibility transformation of thermal power units, actively carry out new energy spot market transactions, strengthen the refined dispatching management of new energy, and strive to achieve a new level of new energy consumption

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