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Ankai e-control system, the first new energy bus intelligent management system, won praise

at the "2014 energy saving and new energy vehicle achievement exhibition" from October 17 to 21, Ankai bus took part with its three new energy products with very promising market prospects. Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, praised it. Since the State Council issued the guiding opinions on accelerating the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in July this year, supporting policies on electricity price, taxation, catalog management and other aspects have been issued in succession. Driven by national policies, domestic and foreign manufacturers are optimistic about China's new energy vehicle market. At the 2014 energy saving and new energy vehicles achievement exhibition from October 17 to 21, the latest models were brought out for exhibition

Ankai bus participated in the exhibition with its three new energy products with very promising market prospects, including Ankai fifth generation pure electric vehicle, Ankai microcirculation pure electric vehicle, Ankai Bostone pure electric vehicle, etc. With comprehensive product technology to meet the needs of different market segments, we have created a comprehensive Ankai new energy team

the Minister of industry and information technology ensured that Miao Wei of the system paid a special visit to Ankai's fifth generation pure electric vehicles listed during the exhibition. Experienced the first 12 inch LCD control screen for passenger cars in China, and asked the on-site technicians about various functions of the system in detail. Ankai e-control system is a special intelligent management system for new energy buses independently developed by Ankai, which organically integrates information technology and new energy vehicle technology. It has three advantages: humanized operation, multilevel safety and intelligent function

compared with traditional vehicles, the pure electric bus equipped with e-control can save more than 180000 yuan in vehicle use costs throughout the year. Reduce carbon dioxide emission ■ the whole machine adopts hydraulic servo to apply experimental force. The experimental data are displayed on the computer screen. It has a high-precision imported servo valve with a load of 95 tons. It is a pure electric bus with the highest comprehensive performance index in China at present

after experiencing Ankai e-control system, Minister Miao Wei said that Ankai e-control system can compete with similar foreign technology reuse platforms that require a lot of capital investment and a long cycle of development. It is recommended that Ankai e control system further integrate the driving display screen with the current operation screen. For example, foreign countries have introduced the aviation display screen into the design of vehicle control panel, making the control of new energy vehicles more humanized and intelligent. The R & D director of Ankai e-control system said that the suggestions from customers, peers, leaders and the media will be comprehensively summarized in this exhibition. Continuously improve the e-control system, and make substantial contributions to the commercialization of the self-tuning PID controller of China's new energy automobile in the fatigue testing machine

in addition, Minister Miao Wei asked about the current demonstration operation of Ankai new energy buses. After hearing that there are more than 1000 Ankai new energy buses operating on the road in Hefei, and the operation performance is good, Minister Miao Wei expressed satisfaction

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