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"I've long heard that decoration companies are 'greasy' when decorating. This time I've really seen it." Ms. yuan Huan, who lives in Champagne Town, told reporters that when her new house was decorated, the decoration company changed the brand of cold and hot water pipes without her consent. Yesterday (13), the reporter learned in the interview that many citizens were "fooled" in the decoration. The relevant staff of Shunqing District Consumers' Association reminded the public that when decorating, they must sign a contract with the decoration company in advance and properly keep the rights protection vouchers

chaos 1: changing patterns and charging indiscriminately

yesterday, Chen Wei, who lives in Jianan international community, Jialing District, told reporters that three months ago, his new house was ready for decoration. He found a large decoration company. According to the budget, it cost nearly 100000 yuan to simply decorate his 135 square meter house. Later, at the suggestion of his friends, Chen Wei found an acquaintance who opened a small decoration company with the same material and a budget of about 80000 yuan. Chen Wei signed a contract with him and paid 70% of the decoration money, and the other 30% will be paid after the decoration is completed. At the same time, an acquaintance told Chen Wei that his low price was because he would contract the decoration to familiar decoration "guerrillas", which saved a lot of labor costs to a certain extent, while ensuring the quality of decoration

however, after the workers entered the site, problems came one after another. Later, it was said that there was a conflict between the layout of water and electricity lines and the decoration, which should be changed; Later, I said that the desks and wardrobes designed in the room are lack of supporting facilities, so they should be added; Later, it was said that the design of the partition between the living room and the dining room was too complex, and all painting had to be recalculated... The decorators kept reminding that if they found "problems" and immediately changed them, they could save a lot of time and cost. If they changed them later, they would affect their future use. It sounds reasonable, and Chen Wei agreed. However, when it came to the final settlement, Chen Wei and his wife were a little angry: in addition to paying the final payment of 21000 yuan, they had to pay an additional 30000 yuan. More than 30000 yuan above the contract price, which is more expensive than the quotation of large decoration companies

an employee of a decoration company in the city told reporters that the decoration exceeded the contract budget, which was normal in the industry. After all, the additional projects were only done with the consent of the owner. Now, many decoration companies use low quotations to attract customers. When budgeting, they often omit some items that must be done. In actual operation, it is impossible for the owners to disagree. Therefore, when signing the contract, the owner must note that there should be no omission, and all decoration should be included in the budget

chaos 2: change the agreed commodity brand without authorization

a few months ago, Yuan Huan, who lives in the community of champagne town, was preparing to decorate his new house. After many comparisons, she finally chose a decoration company located in the North Sichuan building materials market. After negotiation, the two sides soon signed a decoration contract. However, when checking the decoration process, Ms. Yuan found that the decoration company had changed the brand of hot and cold water pipes without authorization, and the laying of floor tiles did not conform to the contract. Ms. yuan was very annoyed with the decoration company's unauthorized behavior, and immediately went to the decoration company to discuss, but the company denied it. Ms. yuan negotiated with the company for many times, but the company did not agree to give compensation

Ms. yuan complained about the decoration company to Shunqing District Consumers' Association. The staff of the Consumer Association confirmed that the problem of brand replacement of hot and cold water pipes was true after learning about the relevant situation from Ms. yuan and the decoration company respectively; However, as for the laying method of floor tiles, both sides hold their own opinions, and there is no evidence

after the staff mediation, the decoration company finally agreed to compensate Ms. yuan 1700 yuan at one time

consumers' Association: when signing the contract, we need to be more attentive

subsequently, the reporter learned from Shunqing District Consumers' Association that since winter is the peak period for many citizens to decorate their new houses, complaints about decoration have also increased compared with the past. The staff of the consumers' Association reminded the citizens who are or will decorate their new houses that before the decoration company is allowed to start the decoration, both parties must carefully negotiate each item in the decoration and sign effective contracts and agreements. After signing the contract, consumers should properly keep the contract as a valid voucher for safeguarding their rights

if the decoration company changes the specified commodity brand, adds more decorative materials, charges more, etc. without the consent of consumers, consumers have the right to refuse to pay. When consumers have disputes with decoration companies, consumers can complain to the local consumers' Association to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests




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