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With the arrival of the new year in 2016, the product technology upgrading of Hongting Yijia has also been successfully completed. The new product includes three main points:

the ultra-high precision base cloth is adopted, which improves the flexibility, is smoother and firmer

cold glue compounding and hot glue compounding go hand in hand to meet the diversified requirements of customers

technological upgrading makes the product pattern more glazed and the texture more vivid and three-dimensional

seamless wall cloth is a kind of wall cloth. It is a new wall cloth product developed in China in recent years. It is designed according to the height of the indoor wall surface and can be pasted as a whole according to the perimeter of the indoor wall surface. Generally, wall cloth with a width of 2.7 meters to 3.1 meters is called seamless wall cloth. "Seamless" refers to the overall construction, which can be cut according to the perimeter of the room. The width of the wall cloth is greater than or equal to the height of the room. A room is pasted with a piece of cloth without splicing. It has the functions of seamless pasting, strong three-dimensional sense, good hand feeling, decorative effect presentation, waterproof, oil proof, antifouling, dust-proof, static electricity proof, wall crack resistance, easy care and so on

Hongting embroidered wall cloth is the first exclusive embroidered wall cloth brand of Shaoxing wall cloth enterprise, and it is a channelized innovative brand that breaks the monopoly of embroidery. In recent years, seamless wall cloth has been popular with consumers because of its many core advantages such as "seamless, environmental protection, health and fashion". With novel pattern design, high-end private exclusive territory home decoration wall art design style, simple and convenient pasting form, It is favored by more Chinese families. It stands out among many seamless wall fabric brands and is superior in quality, function and price. It is an art work with ultra-high cost performance

home decoration wall art is better than Hongting embroidery wall cloth.

Hongting embroidery wall cloth with its novel pattern design, high-end home decoration wall art design style, simple and convenient pasting form, is a new home decoration material that can replace traditional paint, wallpaper, liquid wallpaper and so on. Hongting embroidered wall cloth has high cost performance, which can meet the consumption needs of different levels; Customize the room size according to the customer's needs, and truly achieve a room with a roll of cloth, without splicing, and completely eliminate edge warping

Hongting embroidered wall cloth adopts real polyester, cotton, hemp, silk and other materials that can be woven, that is, all kinds of pure cloth as the main surface material has good air permeability, and the advanced composite dyeing technology is added to effectively degrade formaldehyde, toluene, etc., and can be sterilized; Hongting embroidered wall cloth has been treated with waterproof, oil proof and dirt proof treatment, and daily care is simple, fast and easy; When the Hongting embroidered wall cloth is used to renovate the old wall, the wall cloth will not be damaged by removing or pasting the wall cloth, which is extremely convenient and can ensure the integrity of the wall

Hongting embroidered wall cloth customization is exclusive to your warm home life

Hongting embroidered wall cloth can customize the desired pattern, pattern, and size according to customer needs, and Hongting embroidered wall cloth has a complete range of styles, including pastoral style, modern style, classical style, Mediterranean style, European style, American style, interesting childlike style, etc

the service life of seamless wall fabric is generally 8-10 years. As the name implies, wall fabric is woven from pure cloth, so it is very firm, with very good covering and flexibility. Therefore, the service life is as long as 10-15 years. There is no splicing, super environmental protection, wear-resistant, waterproof, antifouling, easy to take care of, and it is also very convenient for construction

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