What makes northern European style pure and warm

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In northern Europe, it's not difficult to understand literally. In the northern part of Europe, they left a decoration style

northern Europe is not difficult to understand literally. The northern part of Europe is a decoration style left by them. Nordic style originated in Norway, Denmark, Finland and other countries. The decoration of Nordic style is mainly simple design, which restores the original beauty of materials, beautiful and simple lines, natural and lively colors, and simple and practical furniture; Nordic style returns to the essence of life and creates a comfortable and inspirational Nordic space. Nordic design is loved by more and more people. What makes northern European style pure and warm

the design stresses simplicity: simplicity, practicality and function first are the characteristics of Nordic style. In recent years, Nordic style furniture and home decoration have been brilliant in the design industry. These Nordic designs integrate many personalized design elements on the basis of function first. It is well received all over the world

soft clothing collocation: Nordic style prefers natural textures such as cotton and linen in the collocation of soft decorations such as curtains and carpets! In the choice of furniture colors, light colors are preferred, such as light wood, beige and white. Usually white is the main color, decorated with bright pure colors, or black and white is the main color, without adding any other colors. The space gives people a clean and bright feeling, and will never feel a little messy

close to nature: in terms of decoration style in northern Europe, most of them give people the impression of comfort, freshness and tidiness. Although the decoration basically adopts light color system, some green plants are selected to match with light wood color home in terms of soft decoration, which highlights the natural style. Nordic style is to add some dark accessories to the natural style. This sense of conflict reflects the uniqueness of Nordic style, and also represents the combination of primitive and modern. So people like the simplicity of Nordic style, but they don't think it is monotonous, because it is cleverly mixed with some modern factors. Northern Europe, simple, but not simple

Nordic style emphasizes the sense of design in life. This nostalgic and innovative feature is the essence of Nordic style soft clothing collocation. It caters to the concept of life that people advocate nature today. Nordic style generally uses simple and artistic soft decorations to match space, which can change thousands of styles and shapes. If you also want to have a simple Nordic style, you can contact us online





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