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Dongyuan County leaders investigated the construction progress of CSG photovoltaic packaging materials and Qibin photovoltaic glass project

on May 29, chengweiming, Secretary of Dongyuan County Party committee, led the heads of the County Construction Bureau and the County Transportation Bureau to lighthouse and Lankou town to investigate the construction progress of CSG photovoltaic packaging materials and Qibin photovoltaic glass project. Cheng Weiming asked relevant departments and enterprises to cooperate closely, speed up construction, and make every effort to ensure that CSG photovoltaic packaging materials were ignited on December 16 this year, and Qibin photovoltaic glass project was put into operation on November 28 this year

on the same day, Cheng Weiming and his party successively went to the construction site of CSG photovoltaic packaging materials and Qibin photovoltaic glass to understand the project construction, listened to the reports of enterprises and relevant departments, and understood the problems existing in the project construction process. At the construction site, Cheng Weiming pointed out that seeing the busy traffic on the construction site, a group of enthusiastic construction will significantly reduce the manufacturing cost, more diversified product design and functional design scene, which reflects the speed of the enterprise, the escort of Party committees and governments at all levels for the project, and the high-quality services provided by relevant departments for the project

through research, Cheng Weiming put forward three requirements for accelerating the project construction: first, increase the investment in mechanical equipment and manpower to speed up the project construction. The time for ignition and production is tight at the end of the year, and the construction task is heavy. One case drives the load pointer to rotate and instigates the changing torque. The rainy season is coming. The construction unit should seize the sunny weather, increase the investment of mechanical equipment and personnel, and grasp the progress of the project. Second, make every effort to overcome difficulties and ensure project construction. Relevant departments and enterprises should closely cooperate, effectively solve the problems of water, electricity, roads and other infrastructure to ensure the synchronous accuracy of transmission, effectively solve the problems of land acquisition and demolition, and effectively do a good job in the thinking of the masses and the work of the company to ensure the smooth progress of the project construction. Third, high-quality and efficient services to open up a green channel for project construction. All levels should open up green channels for enterprises, help enterprises improve the approval procedures, and promote the early completion and operation of projects

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