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Dongyuan motor dressed up to attend the Jinan exhibition

from March 10 to 12, Wuxi Dongyuan Motor Co., Ltd. dressed up to attend the 10th China Jinan international industrial control automation and Instrumentation Exhibition, which is mainly used to do the pull-out experiment of steel hammers

at the exhibition site, the booth of Dongyuan Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is beautifully arranged, spacious, and various specifications and series of inverter products are placed in an orderly manner. At this exhibition, Dongyuan Motor Co., Ltd. exhibited 7300pa series, 7200cx series, 7200gs series and 7200ma series frequency converters

about Dongyuan:

Wuxi Dongyuan Motor Co., Ltd. was established in April, 2002. It is an enterprise specializing in the development, production, restriction of steel consumption in construction, and sales of various motors and frequency converters. Wuxi Dongyuan Motor Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of Taiwan Dongyuan motor group, and is the key production and operation base of Dongyuan in the mainland of China. At present, Dongyuan group ranks first in the global industrial motor share, ranking third in the world; And from the giant enterprise of electric machinery, it has developed into a highly competitive diversified enterprise group spanning six industrial clusters, including electronics, information, communication, financial investment, and so on. At present, Dongyuan group has about 30 overseas affiliated enterprises, with more than 10000 employees worldwide, and has extensive electromechanical technical cooperation with world-famous enterprises such as GE, Yaskawa, Westinghouse, Siemens, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, etc. its business territory has been expanded to Asia, America, Europe, Australia, becoming a well-known world group, and TECO has become an international brand. Wuxi Dongyuan Motor Co., Ltd. invested US $29.9 million in the first phase and US $18million in the second phase. The company has a global R & D center, FA division and SA division. The global R & D center of the mainland, together with the R & D center of the U.S. Dongyuan Westinghouse and the R & D center of the headquarters in Taiwan, forms the Dongyuan global R & D center, which is responsible for the development and design of major new series of products. FA division is a professional manufacturer of motors. At present, its main products are various asynchronous motors with a center height of 63~630mm, a power range of 1/4~4000hp, and a voltage class of 220~13800v. SA division is a professional manufacturer of frequency converters. Its main products are ma, GA, PA, GS, CX series frequency converters, with a power range of 0.4kw~375 kW and a voltage class of 200~400v7 The test bench should have various frequency converters with calibration function

in addition, Wuxi Dongyuan Motor Co., Ltd. will also serve as a window for Dongyuan group in the mainland to provide asynchronous, synchronous, DC and other motors with a center height of more than 630mm produced by Taiwan Dongyuan and American Dongyuan Westinghouse

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