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Door and window enterprises should cultivate carefully and be pragmatic in order to innovate

no matter which industry, if you want to survive in the downturn environment, the first thing is not to be eliminated by the market in this industry, seriously face up to the advantages of the enterprise itself, and constantly reform and seek development ways. Under the new normal, the overall atmosphere of the door and window industry is a little impetuous, so the best way to survive is to be stable, which shows that door and window enterprises should cultivate carefully and be pragmatic in order to innovate

it is very important for door and window enterprises to win steadily, speed up the pace of enterprise development, and how to balance the relationship between the two points. For enterprises, the relationship between the management mechanism, production cost control and other internal chains should be straightened out. Under the condition of unchanged personnel, the per capita output value should be higher, the management mode should be saved, the procurement cost should be cheaper, and the internal system of the enterprise should be integrated, rather than restricted everywhere; Externally speaking, it is the value chain of products. If an enterprise wants to develop steadily, it must practice its basic skills in a down-to-earth manner. The customer may shop around when looking at the products, ask the price and look at the products. But you should do more than the customer and say it in more detail, rather than what he asks and what you answer

whether the industry is turbulent, homogeneous or price war, in addition to making products in a down-to-earth manner, another way out is your market layout, selection. Currently, Shandong Huayu is in the critical stage of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, product transformation and upgrading, customers, and a product of the combination of internal and external systems. Enterprises need to integrate their own resources with dealer resources, seek profit growth points in channel changes, and help dealers make a new positioning under the new normal in order to better develop. As an enterprise, we should do a good job in online and offline product planning and brand planning, accelerate brand construction, actively cooperate with the distribution price, and do more value-added services within a reasonable range. In the process of channel reform, in addition to product sales, dealers' stores should also become product experience and service centers

only by knowing your enemy and friends can you be invincible. Only by knowing your enemy and friends can you be invincible and achieve good performance. So, how can we know each other and each other? First of all, it is important to know the "other", fully understand the needs of customers, and obtain comprehensive information as much as possible. When choosing products, customers will comprehensively measure and choose from their own conditions, development strategies, product positioning, product cost performance, supplier support and other aspects, and their procurement process is also relatively complex. As an enterprise, it must have a comprehensive grasp of the above aspects in the sales process in order to deal with it freely

at present, a series of problems in the door and window market, including the relationship between dealers and door and window enterprises, finally return to a fundamental problem, that is, positioning. With the support of the relevant industrial policies mentioned above, the positioning of itself, the positioning of development, the positioning of success, and so on. Once an enterprise is willing to spend money, time and energy to build a product brand, it must first make its own positioning and planning. This is a whole system project, and the growth of enterprises can not be achieved overnight. It takes time to design, research and development, production, service and so on, and a series of supporting facilities should keep up. The current enterprise brand is not made by throwing money at it. It needs rational thinking and planning

if door and window enterprises want to survive, they must find their own exhibition positioning, understand the real needs of consumers, start with brand, quality and products, and let customers recognize them step by step, so as to truly occupy a place in the market

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