The hottest door and window dealers must eliminate

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Door and window dealers must eliminate these three business concepts

1, and do not focus on a certain brand

according to the survey, some brand dealers used to start by making miscellaneous brands. These dealers saw that miscellaneous brands had no future, so they chose to join brand manufacturers with brighter future. However, some dealers have joined a certain brand and privately retained their previous miscellaneous brands. They think that the insurance coefficient will be higher. In fact, such "stepping on two boats" and not focusing on running a brand are more risky for dealers. Because if you operate multiple brands, it will disperse your energy, financial resources and resources. If the brand cannot be operated, the manufacturer will be dissatisfied with itself, and even make the decision to replace the dealer, and the dealer's efforts will be in vain

2, their own business mode is backward

diligence and pragmatism, a traditional Chinese virtue, is particularly evident in most dealers or careless scraping of sheet metal: every day, both inside and outside the store, they do everything by themselves, don't authorize the clerk, and don't dare to leave the store. This spirit is really admirable. In the initial stage of business, it is necessary for the boss to do everything himself. But the problem is also here. If everything is arranged by the boss, the employees with poor ability cannot be promoted, and the employees with strong ability feel that there is no room to play, we can't talk about doing our best to the boss. After a few years, I made a little money, but the boss didn't establish a capable management team. This mode of operation can achieve certain performance in the early stage of an immature small market, but with the expansion of the market and the intensification of competition, this mode is obviously out of date. At this time, it is more to rely on the strength of the team to compete. Otherwise, the final result is that the dealer boss is half dead, but his business is getting worse and worse, and will be ruthlessly eliminated by the manufacturer's sentence "the dealer can't keep up with the company's development speed"

3, relying too much on promotion to drive sales

promotion is a powerful tool to improve terminal sales, and no dealer can do without it. But at the same time, promotion is also a stimulant, which can only play a temporary role in boosting sales. Too frequent promotion will have side effects. In the fierce market competition, it is "waiting for death" for merchants not to do promotions, but it is "looking for death" to do promotions frequently. Now it has been adopted in many key construction projects, and more and more dealers find themselves suffering from "promotion dependence": no sales without promotion, and no profit with promotion. Moreover, many dealers are "promoted": the manufacturer needs to increase the sales volume, and the Commission of the regional manager also comes from the sales volume, so the dealers are forced to promote constantly. 4. Place a glass slide on the stage, and the strength is greater and greater, more and more times. The final result is that the sales volume of dealers seems to have increased, but the money in their pockets has become less, and the price has become lower and lower

if the door and window dealers cannot eliminate the above three backward business concepts, it is difficult to win in the fierce market competition

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