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Dongyun Bsats became the focus of 2020 China call center and enterprise communication conference

the spring exhibition of 2020 China call center and enterprise communication conference, which attracted the attention of the industry, officially kicked off in Beijing, China on September 18. This conference will take the development opportunities and challenges of ICT industry under the background of new infrastructure as the theme, focus on enterprise communication, call center, next-generation communication architecture and other contents, and display a variety of cutting-edge technologies, Continue to promote the development of ICT industry and timely reflect the latest trends of industrial development. As an exhibitor, Dongyun Technology Co., Ltd. made a grand appearance with its anti harassment application product new technology

Dongyun Technology Co., Ltd. is a communication enterprise committed to information security and intelligent operation. It focuses on the mobile information field and provides professional and intelligent business security operation solutions for telecom value-added operation enterprises and group customers. In the more than ten years of deep cultivation in the telecommunications industry, I have deeply realized the troubles brought by harassment and spam messages to users, actively responded to the governance policies of the competent units and practiced the communication enterprises, and provided impetus for the healthy development of SMS and voice services through the analysis and interception ability of harassment and complaints accumulated for many years

at this exhibition, Dongyun, as the regular main force of anti harassment of domestic telecommunications business, unveiled the Bsats open platform for anti harassment of telecommunications business, which is based on the pattern rate and sensitive user analysis of plastic granulator assisted by enterprise communication frequency coal heating and natural gas heating, to implement intelligent interception of SMS and voice services, so as to reduce the harassment of individual users and the risk of telecommunications business complaints, and became the focus of the conference

with the gradual upgrading of the national treatment of harassment and spam messages, anti harassment has become a hot topic in the industry. Insiders deeply realized the importance of anti harassment, and Dongyun staff in front of the booth gave full answers to the consultants

bsats platform has been launched since its launch, constantly optimizing technical functions, making access simple and ensuring stable performance. From the beginning of the daily comparison volume of one million, to the current daily comparison volume of more than 1billion times. The number of interceptions per day has reached thousands, and now it has intercepted more than 100000 times, or even 200000 times. And with the access of more and more enterprises, the data in the industry is shared, and the effect is more and more obvious

the platform uses practical effects to slowly transform customers' skepticism into trust, which is not only a breakthrough in new applications and technologies of Dongyun, but also a common result of the convergence of forces in the communication industry and the reduction of harassment

since it was officially launched in May 2019, it has become a recognized anti harassment leader in the domestic communication and specific mixed proportion information industry, whether from the use of this tensile unit in terms of interception effect or from the reduction of complaint ability. It has reached cooperation with operators in many provinces and cities and more than 20 virtual businesses, and highly recognizes the value of the Bsats open platform for the anti harassment work in the communication industry. It can actively intercept outgoing calls and send text messages from the source, reducing the occurrence of harassment

what Dongyun Bsats needs to do is to help enterprises avoid illegal and illegal bad communication through an open, shared and intelligent telecom business open platform, promote the information integration in the industry, and ensure the smooth communication of enterprises on the premise of actively safeguarding the interests of telecom users, so as to build a compliant, mutual trust and win-win telecom value-added business ecosystem

through the largest call center and professional event in the field of enterprise communication in the Asia Pacific region, Dongyun received continuous attention and exchanges from competent departments, which deepened Dongyun's sense of future development and mission of the communication industry. At the same time, we also hope that all communication enterprises can come to guide and visit, put forward more valuable suggestions for Dongyun bsatsa, and jointly contribute to the healthy development of the communication industry

platform introduction

Dongyun Bsats divides the equipment into drive system, hydraulic force application system, friction pair, and data collection system. The telecom business anti harassment open platform analyzes and determines users' willingness to receive business SMS and marketing through technical means, and implements accurate interception to help enterprises avoid the generation of illegal and illegal information, and promote information integration in the industry. On the premise of actively safeguarding the interests of telecom users Ensure the smooth communication of enterprises. We are committed to building a compliance, mutual trust and win-win telecom value-added business ecosystem to promote the healthy development of the industry

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