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Heavy duty truck Co., Ltd. held the 2014 continuous improvement achievement commendation meeting

heavy duty truck Co., Ltd. held the 2014 continuous improvement achievement commendation meeting

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on December 11, truck Co., Ltd. held the 2014 continuous improvement achievement commendation meeting. At the meeting, truck Co., Ltd. issued commendations for outstanding improvement projects of scientific and technological progress, technological improvement, quality improvement, QC group activities, management innovation, improvement proposal. Leaders of the company, heads of departments and representatives of excellent improvement projects attended the commendation meeting

Yu ruiqun, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of truck Co., Ltd., expressed heartfelt congratulations to the award-winning employees or teams and affirmed the achievements of this year's continuous improvement activities. Yu ruiqun affirmed the efforts made by the majority of employees of truck Co., Ltd. for continuous improvement, which has created huge economic benefits for the development of the company; It is hoped that all units will improve and terminate the results management process, firmly establish everyone's sense of ownership, stimulate employees' enthusiasm, participate in improvement activities with a more positive attitude, and further create value for the company; Emphasizing that continuous improvement is the only way for enterprise development and the management mode that enterprises should advocate. It is required that in the new year, continuous improvement should still be the main theme, and the improvement results and technological progress should be better done to further enhance the value of "truck manufacturing"

at the meeting, the representative of 2014 excellent continuous improvement achievements of truck Co., Ltd. released the results. The leaders of the company commented on the shared cases of each representative and gave guidance. Yu ruiqun spoke highly of the improvement of Ji Ping, the debugging electrician of the second general assembly department, "self made MP3, electronic universal experimental machine below m300kn has more advantages P5, speaker detection tool". First of all, it shows that each load can only reach a certain load. It is recommended to name the detection method after its name

the meeting read out the recognition decision for the continuous improvement achievements in 2014, and presented awards to the representatives of excellent improvement projects

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