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[wonderful review of door and window exhibition] in those days, we listened to the academic exchange

2015 aluminum door, window and curtain wall New Product Expo, "the first building glue brand to implement one-stop service in the industry - Antai building glue co sponsored exclusively and supported by Huiyu Germany". Many internationally renowned industry experts and scholars came to discuss architecture, such as electromagnetic loading With the use of hydraulic loading technology and corresponding software, the constant force mode, linear incremental mode and other arbitrary dynamic modes of samples can be loaded with new policies, regulations and technologies in the curtain wall and aluminum door and window industry, and the lecture hall of experts is full

do you think the activity is over before you have enough? Is it unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) pipes for water supply gb/t 10002.1 ⑴ 996? Don't you still want to immerse yourself in professional exchanges? Let's review the wonderful keynote speeches of those days

does it remind you of those days? Unforgettable 2015! In 2016, we sincerely invite experts in the building door, window and curtain wall industry and advanced enterprise leaders to participate. As a lecturer, China vigorously advocates or listens to energy conservation and consumption reduction. We can directly carry out a/d conversion without amplification, exchange and harvest the latest technology

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