2008 work plan report of the hottest China gear pr

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The 2008 work plan report of China gear professional association

the 2008 work plan report of China gear professional association

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Guide: first, the situation and tasks faced by the gear industry in recent years, with the rapid development of China's national economy, especially the rapid development of the automotive industry, the total market size and production and sales volume of China's gear industry have increased at a rate of more than 10billion yuan per year, The total market size has exceeded 100billion yuan

I. situation and tasks faced by the gear industry

in recent years, with the rapid development of China's national economy, especially the rapid development of the automotive industry, the total market size and production and sales volume of China's gear industry have increased at a rate of more than 10billion yuan every year. The total market size has exceeded 100billion yuan, and the domestic production and sales volume has reached 85billion yuan, ranking third in the world, becoming a veritable gear manufacturing country. According to statistics, the automotive industry ranks first among the users of gear products, accounting for more than 36%, followed by agricultural machinery 10%, construction machinery 6%, and motorcycles 5%. Vehicle gears account for nearly 60% of the total gear products. Cement and building materials, hoisting and transportation, mining machinery, metallurgy, etc. account for about 15%. In terms of production areas, the gear industry in East China has the fastest development, and its production and sales volume accounts for more than 50% of the national total. Other regions are 19.1% in North China, 8.7% in Southwest China, 8.1% in Central China, 6.7% in Northwest China and 4.1% in Northeast China. In the gear industry, the status of private enterprises is becoming more and more prominent, with the number reaching 80% of the whole industry, the total assets accounting for nearly 50% of the industry, the sales revenue accounting for 52%, and the profit accounting for 44.6%. Some private enterprises are still small in scale, but they have flexible mechanisms, rapid development and high production efficiency. However, there are still many problems in China's gear industry, such as low product research and development level, backward technology, low product level and quality level. Gear products have a serious situation of overcapacity, fierce competition and low efficiency in the middle and low-end products, while most of the high-end products rely on imports. In recent years, the import and export deficit of gear products has increased year by year, and high-end products are controlled by others. In 2006, China imported 3.37 billion US dollars of gear products, of which automatic transmission accounted for 1.637 billion US dollars; In 2007, imports amounted to US $5.05 billion, of which automatic transmissions amounted to more than US $2.5 billion. On the one hand, due to the blockade of core technology and market monopoly by foreign enterprises, on the other hand, it also reflects that in the face of complex technology, we have not yet formed a product research and development mechanism of effective combination of industry, University and research, and close cooperation between host manufacturers and component manufacturers, and the industrialization process is slow. It is an important task and direction for the whole gear industry in the future to improve the product research and development ability of enterprises, improve the product level of the whole industry, break through high-end product technology, and become a powerful gear country. In the past few years, we have done some work around this goal. This year, we will continue to do so and make unremitting efforts to achieve results. This is the starting point for formulating the annual work. The output of these two lithium salts accounts for 64% of the country. 2. There are cracks and omissions in the zigzag part of the pressure gauge tube

II. Main work plan for 2008

1 Formulating Association standards, leading and standardizing the market with standards, Dental Association is the first organization to formulate Association standards. Up to now, the gear association has formulated motorcycle gear standards, formulated and issued vehicle gear steel standards, industrial reducer standards (6 kinds), etc. This year, the standards of the association mainly include the following items: ① standards for the supporting industrial chain of vehicle drive axle. This year, it will be completed and released on the basis of a lot of work done last year. This is a series of standards, including: standards for spiral bevel gears of drive axles of heavy-duty vehicles, standards for spiral bevel gears of drive axles of medium and below medium-sized vehicles, standards for spiral bevel gears of drive axles of construction vehicles Policies and standards such as the implementation plan of the extended producer responsibility system, the specifications for the recycling and disassembly of vehicle power batteries, the product specifications and dimensions of power batteries for electric vehicles, the coding rules for automotive power batteries, and the residual energy test for the recycling of vehicle power batteries have been successively issued, such as the standard for precision forged straight bevel gears of vehicle drive axles and the standard for lubricating oil of vehicle drive axles. At present, this set of standards has become mature and the final data verification is being done. The standard is expected to be officially released before the end of the year. ② Industrial reducer standard. At the annual meeting held in Zhuji last year, six industrial reduction gearbox standards were released. This year, the formulation and review of "standards for mixing industrial reducer" and "standards for lubricating oil for industrial reducer" are under way. It is expected to be officially released and implemented within this year. ③ Translation of American (AGMA) basic standards for spiral bevel gears. This is also a series of standards, including precision, design, strength, assembly and other aspects. This work began last year and will be launched this year. We believe that introducing, learning and learning from the advanced standards of developed countries are of great benefit to improving the level of China's gear industry, and we should spend a lot of effort to do so. ④ Standard preparation and revision of automotive mechanical transmission assembly. At present, the first draft of this work has been completed for medium-sized cars and firm pneumatic mini cars that have always been the protection of the region and safety and stability. It is hoped that relevant units will speed up the drafting of standards for other models. The standard upgrading of automotive mechanical transmission assembly has great practical significance for improving the level of transmission in China

2. We organized industry, University and research institutes to work together to promote the industrialization of automatic transmissions. Last November, with the strong assistance of Chongqing Institute of technology, the China Dental Association held an "International Academic Symposium on automotive CVT" in Chongqing; In February this year, with the enthusiastic support of Beijing University of technology, we held the "Symposium on automotive AMT industrialization standards and laboratories" in Beijing. Recently, we just held a special conference on AMT standards in Nanchang. The reason why we spend a lot of effort on this work is that we hope that the cars produced in our country can use the automatic transmission developed and produced by ourselves earlier and more

3. The international gear exhibition was held to build a trade platform of independent brands for the industry. The year before last, we successfully held the first international gear exhibition in Shanghai, which was supported and praised by the majority of member units. In June this year, we will hold the "2008 China International power transmission and Automation Exhibition" with the machinery industry branch of the China Council for the promotion of international trade in Beijing. At present, exhibitors are very enthusiastic, and more than 60% of the booths in the gear exhibition area have been reserved. Since large-scale exhibitions cannot be held during the Olympic Games, the Dental Association will only hold this exhibition this year. We hope that the majority of member units will make good use of this opportunity to show their products and enterprise style. At that time, the gear Market Summit Forum and special seminar will be organized at the exhibition. We hope all member units will actively sign up to participate

4. It is the key to promote the construction of enterprise technology R & D center, do a good job in enterprise independent innovation and industrial upgrading, and establish a high-level technology R & D center. Over the past few years, some enterprises have invested a lot of human, material and financial resources to set up technology research and development centers, hoping that it will serve the enterprise and the industry at the same time. Last year, Chongqing gear box factory passed the certification of national enterprise technology R & D center. This year, the expert committee of the association is prepared to inspect and certify several enterprise R & D centers at the request of member enterprises, and recommend those with good conditions to the industry. Recently, the awarding ceremony of the industrial reducer (Hangzhou) Laboratory of the dental association was grandly held in Hangzhou Jiepai Industrial Park, which was published in the newspapers

5. Organize the exchange of achievements of new technologies, processes and materials in the industry. During this meeting, we will hold a seminar on advanced technology of bevel gears; We also plan to hold a symposium on gear nitriding technology this year; In July this year, we will hold a large-scale exchange meeting on the achievements of new technologies, processes, materials and equipment in the gear industry in Harbin, and invite domestic and foreign experts to introduce the excellent achievements of the gear industry, so as to promote the technological progress of the gear industry

6. Special work, the special work arranged this year mainly includes: ① in mid May, the "2008 national small module gear manufacturing technology seminar" will be held in Ningbo. The notice of the meeting has been issued, and it is hoped that relevant units will actively sign up to participate. ② In May, we will carry out the inspection and certification of "Western gear city". ③ In the third quarter, we will organize experts to audit the enterprises applying for the quality audit of gear steel. ④ In November, we will hold a meeting of the vehicle drive axle Working Committee in Hefei, Anhui Province

7. The general election of the Dental Association. This is a major event of our association. The association has issued a general announcement in January; This meeting will discuss the general election plan; The annual meeting (member congress) will be held in October or November, and a fair, just and open general election will be held in accordance with the requirements of Guo Ban Fa (2007) No. 36 document and Guo Zi FA Xue (2007) No. 199 document. Now, the self recommendation form of the general election has been returned to the Secretariat of the association in succession, showing that everyone attaches importance to the work of this general election, and hopes that member units interested in seeking greater development and contribution in the association will take advantage of various opportunities to show their style and determination to contribute to the association

8. The issuance of the No. 36 document of the State Council on strengthening the basic work construction of the association marks that the reform and development process of China's trade associations and chambers of Commerce will be accelerated, and the management tends to be standardized. Over the past few years, the number of member units of the association has increased rapidly, and the requirements of the state and the majority of members for the work of the association have become higher and higher. To meet the needs of the development of the situation, we must strengthen the construction of basic work. This year, we will focus on the following aspects: ① establish and improve rules and regulations. The existing rules and regulations are revised and improved to standardize the management of member units and internal management. ② Supplement and update member files, and form a timely update mechanism. This work hopes to be supported by the majority of member units. Please provide the latest information of the unit to the Secretariat in a timely manner (such as changes in system, address, contact person, leader, product, communication method, etc.). ③ Strengthen the statistical analysis of economic and technical indicators. The industry macro statistics will be published by the association in meetings or publications. It is hoped that all member units will submit the enterprise data to the Secretariat in a timely manner. Based on the principle that the data provider has the right to enjoy, the association will sort out the summarized data and send it to the relevant member units as soon as possible. ④ Strengthen the construction of cgma station. Stations should strive to make the layout novel and easy to consult, and the content detailed and updated frequently. If you have any good suggestions and opinions, please contact us. These are the main work contents and plans of the dental association this year. Since this year, the association has implemented the project system, and each project has assigned a person in charge. At present, most of the work has been started, and all member units will receive notices of our relevant activities. The Dental Association hopes that everyone will actively participate in the activities organized by the association and often put forward suggestions for improvement. Let's work together to make the association better and promote the development and progress of the gear industry. (Deputy Secretary General of China gear Association)

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