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2012 of electric water heater industry: against the trend, it is booming

on November 22, 2012, the second meeting of the professional committee of electric water heater of China Household Appliances Association was held in Shunde, Guangdong Province. The meeting was organized by Guangdong Weibo Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. and attended by more than 70 representatives from nearly 30 home appliance water heater manufacturers such as Haier, Midea, a.o. Smith, Ariston, SHUAIKANG and Kangquan, as well as upstream spare parts enterprises such as Jiulong, Changheng and Jiujiang Hengtong

representatives of participating enterprises generally believed that although the overall economic environment in 2012 was not optimistic, the electric water heater industry had achieved good sales performance. Compared with the same period in 2011, the sales and sales volume of the participating electric water heater manufacturers have increased to varying degrees. The relevant principals of Haier, a.o. Smith, Midea, Ariston, Kangquan and other enterprises said that in 2012, the enterprise adjusted the product structure and increased the unit price of products by increasing the added value of products, achieving good results. Weibo has significantly improved its sales performance by means of precise positioning of enterprises, returning to the nature of manufacturing and "fighting together" with upstream and downstream enterprises

due to the insufficient capacity of electric water heaters, SHUAIKANG has been in short supply for several years. In 2012, a new liner production line and an assembly line of SHUAIKANG were officially put into operation, and the contradiction between supply and demand was alleviated. Wanhe is a "new member" of the electric water heater industry. At the beginning of 2012, Wanhe's electric water heater production base in Gaoming, Guangdong was put into operation. In the first half of 2012, the sales and sales of electric water heaters increased by about 50%. Wan he, the relevant person in charge, said that he would continue to increase investment in electric water heaters in the future. The relevant person in charge of Wanjiale also revealed that in the first half of 2012, the sales volume and sales volume of Wanjiale electric water heater increased by more than 30%. He said that there was also a large amount of tape: "the electric water heater industry has great potential." When analyzing the reasons for the excellent performance of the electric water heater industry in 2012, many enterprise representatives mentioned that a healthy and orderly competitive atmosphere in the whole industry is the most basic guarantee. "In the electric water heater industry, enterprises rarely compete with each other maliciously, but rather maintain the healthy development of the industry, provide consumers with better bath solutions, and are leading the upgrading of industry products." Wu Yuxiang, general manager of Weibo, said

the rapid development of e-commerce channels has attracted the attention of electric water heater manufacturers. Many participants mentioned the "pain" and "happiness" brought by e-commerce channels to enterprises. Ding Wei, President of AOSMITH (China) water heater Co., Ltd. in China, said, "we didn't pay enough attention to e-commerce channels before, but the development momentum of e-commerce channels is very fast. Therefore, in the future, we will standardize the management of e-commerce channels to ensure the coordinated development of offline and online."

for the long-term development of the whole industry, a number of enterprise representatives proposed that they should cooperate with other household appliance industries to promote R & D. "Take the water heater as the hot water center of the family. Washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances that need to use hot water do not need to generate hot water by themselves, but are directly connected to the hot water of the water heater, which will greatly shorten the working hours of washing machines and dishwashers." Ding Wei gives an example. In addition, some enterprises emphasized that multi energy is still the development direction of household hot water supply equipment

"China Household Appliance Association is promoting the home appliance building integration project, and the building integration of electric water heaters is the focus of discussion at this meeting." Xu Dongsheng, Secretary General of China Household Appliances Association, introduced. At this meeting, enterprise representatives had a full discussion on the overall dimensions and hanger dimensions of electric water heaters, electricity and water requirements in 2018, and installation requirements

in addition, the delegates also discussed the working regulations of the electric water heater professional committee of China Household Appliances Association on the reverse zigzag testing machine, which is generally used for the compression resistance, pressure holding, bending resistance, tearing and peeling, adhesion, shear and other aspects of metal and non-metal composite materials and products, rubber and other industrial materials Director Shan gongdao's correct use of the fixture was conducive to the smooth progress of the experiment, and exchanged views on the election methods for the general election

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