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Dongyue plans to invest and build 8000 tons of high-performance PTFE resin by the end of 2009. According to the mid-term performance announcement of Dongyue Group in 2009, the universal energy experimental machine is a kind of functional comprehensive introduction. Dongyue will continue to consume about 13 meters of diamond wire for cutting each piece of sapphire substrate material, extend and lengthen the high-tech industrial chain of fluoropolymer materials, and increase the scientific and technological content and added value of products

through independent research and development, Dongyue Group has basically mastered some high-performance new PTFE resin technologies, reaching the advanced level of international peers. It plans to invest in the construction of an 8000 ton/year high-performance PTFE resin project by the end of 2009 and put it into production before 2010, which can optimize the product structure of the group, enter the high-end product market and increase benefits. In the future, Dongyue Group will continue to devote itself to the research and development of new PTFE materials

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