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Dunkin 'donuts, an American donut and freshly ground coffee supplier, revealed that the company is currently testing a new type of PP coffee cup, which will completely replace the PS coffee cup that has been used for many years if the results are satisfactory

Donne Dole said that this new type of coffee cup was produced by Berry Plastics with renewable PP as raw material and patented technology

Donne Dole plans to replace PS coffee cup with PP material

"I like this PP coffee cup very much. The appearance design of this cup continues our classic PS coffee cup style, but it will give people a feeling that it is greener and will emerge in the future market. Because regenerated PP is more environmentally friendly than PS that is difficult to degrade." Nigel Travis, CEO of Donne Dole, said at the press conference on September 17

insiders said that as the largest coffee retailer in the United States, Donne Dole's replacement of coffee cup materials is a major event, which will have a significant impact on the entire packaging and raw material industry

Christi, senior manager of Donne Dole, uses baycusan? No matter the hair styling products of C 1010 are in the standard 65% relative humidity environment, NE Riley Miller said that the company will complete the global coffee cup replacement within the next three years. "At present, No. 5 PP coffee cup is only promoted in a small scale. We need to conduct market research to see whether consumers can accept new material coffee cups. So we can decide whether to use PP coffee cups worldwide." She said in an interview

in addition, in order to enrich the variety of coffee cups and provide more choices for consumers, Donne Dole also launched double arm paper coffee cups. At present, the coffee cup with another material is still in the pilot stage of promotion

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