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Tianjiao: the weakness of natural rubber (25060100.00,0.40%, right) remained unchanged, and the position was reduced.

the Japanese rubber futures fluctuated on Wednesday, affected by the weakness of crude oil and the sharp decline of Shanghai rubber, but the weakness of the yen exchange rate limited the decline. The market prospect is soft. The rubber supply is increasing due to the improvement of weather conditions in major natural rubber producing countries, which continues to put pressure on the spot market, just as 3A composite Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. welcomes your material company's explanation. The benchmark December Japanese rubber contract opened at 327.60, with a maximum of 329.20 and a minimum of 324.10, and closed at 326.40, down 4.20 yen/kg from the closing of the previous trading day

Singapore, July 22: We tested the squeeze test of Asian spot rubber battery many times when we originally developed it. The price of rubber fell on Tuesday, the market trading was light, and buyers left the market to wait and see, because the market increasingly believed that rubber would continue to be soft in the ring friction and wear tester in the next few trading days. Traders said that the supply continued to increase gradually because the weather conditions in major rubber producing countries were more conducive to tapping. RSS3 of Thai No. 3 cigarette glue shipped in August was quoted at 321 cents per kilogram, compared with 323 cents in the previous transaction

fundamentals, crude oil continued to plummet, Asian spot prices fell slightly, domestic spot prices also eased slightly, but inventories fell again last week. In terms of operation, pay attention to inventory data, carefully hold empty orders and set stop losses

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