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Dongyin Futures: crude oil rebounded to $80, and Shanghai oil rose sharply

crude oil futures rose nearly 5% on Monday, rising with global stock markets. European and U.S. governments are committed to supporting the weak banking industry, rekindling the outlook for crude oil demand

analysts said that crude oil may rebound to $90 a barrel next week because the stock market is significantly oversold. But in the short term, it may not be possible to see three figures

crude oil in November in New York rose $3.49, or 4.5%, to close at $81.19 a barrel

analysts said that in the long run, investors' focus will eventually return to the supply and demand side, and prices will also rise significantly

the US stock market fell sharply last week and rebounded sharply today, joining the global rally. Paris and Washington reached an agreement to support the banking system and restore investor confidence should have a good grounding installation heart. The U.S. stock market fell nearly 20% last week and rebounded today. The Dow Jones recorded the largest one-day rise in history

analysts said that such a rise in the Dow Jones could easily introduce commodity buying, leading to higher prices for energy and grain

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but some analysts expect crude oil prices to resume their decline

the United States and European governments' joint rescue of the financial industry has reduced their pessimism about the world economy, and crude oil prices have therefore risen. But how long the rising potential can last is a question

analysts said that before the action led to economic recovery, the data may show that the economic recession will increase the pressure on crude oil prices

other energy futures also rose, with reformulated gasoline rising 11.1 cents, or 6.1%, to $1.9176 per gallon in November, and hot fuel oil rising 13.1 cents, or 5 Such as clamps, jaws, connecting pins, etc., 9% to close at $2.341 per gallon

today, Shanghai oil company limited its opening price due to the rebound of crude oil. The main 0812 contract was opened at 3501 yuan, which was once closed at the daily limit. Later, due to the impact of profit taking, the period price fell back, with a minimum of 3455 yuan. After stabilizing, it rebounded, closing at 3484 yuan, up 131 yuan or 3.91%, with 156542 transactions and 6154 positions reduced

if the fuel oil opens high and goes down today, you can short every high, close all short positions at the low point of the day, and backhand an appropriate amount of long positions

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