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Dongyin Futures: Shanghai Rubber opened higher and walked higher. Wait and see

Natural Rubber Futures on Shanghai Futures Exchange opened higher and walked higher on November 21. Today, the main 603 contract was opened at 16845 yuan/ton. The late opening price fluctuated higher, and the final market closed at almost the highest price, closing at 16970 yuan/ton, up 16960 yuan from the settlement price of the previous trading day. The trading volume was 81016 hands, the position decreased by 86, and the smaller the sensor was, 8 to 33042 hands

TOCOM Tokyo Rubber Futures: Tokyo rubber futures closed slightly higher on November 21. The benchmark 0604 contract opened at 191.3 yen and closed at 193.2 yen, up 1.4 yen from the previous trading day. The spot contract opened at 182.5 yen in November. What are the uses of the final paper tensile testing machine? It closed at 183.0 yen, up 0.6 yen from the previous trading day

spot dynamics: on November 21, the average quotation price of China Rubber No. 5 standard glue was 17395 yuan/ton, and the quantity of pending orders was 1408 tons. Among them, the average price of the pending order of Hainan agricultural reclamation is 17500 yuan/ton, and the pending order quantity is 746 tons, while that of Yunnan agricultural reclamation is 662 tons, and the average price of the pending order is 17276 yuan/ton. There was no deal in Hainan and Yunnan Agricultural Reclamation today

on November 21, the target of utilization in India is still small and medium-sized engineering projects. Today, the quotation of 20 × 20 standard glue CIF China main port is 1600 dollars/ton, a decrease of 5 dollars/ton compared with the previous trading day. Malaysia 20 # standard glue is quoted at US $1610/ton CIF the main port of China in early December. It is 10 dollars/ton lower than the day before yesterday. Thai 3# cigarette glue was quoted in USD/ton CIF China's main port in November, which was basically the same as the previous trading day

view: the recent sharp decline in the price of crude oil in the international market, the sharp decline in the price of domestic synthetic rubber, and the sluggish transactions in the domestic spot market of natural rubber reflect the initial signs of the beginning of the decline in the price of natural rubber. However, due to the good performance and light quality of composite materials, the limited inventory in the domestic market and the relative shortage of resources, the price of hanging orders in the production areas is strong, which makes the decline momentum of Shanghai Rubber insufficient at this stage. There are large differences between long and short fundamentals. It is suggested to wait and see for the trend to be clear

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