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Comments on plastic warehouse receipts on February 25

polypropylene fell across the board. The settlement price of pp1004 today was 10979 yuan/ton, down 77 yuan/ton from yesterday's settlement. A total of 1379 batches (6895 tons) were traded throughout the day, 152 fewer than the previous trading day, and the total order volume reached 2154 batches (10770 tons), an increase of 237 batches from the previous trading day

upstream dynamics: crude oil rose, ethylene fell across the board, and propylene rose slightly

overnight crude oil stood at 80, up 1.14. Ethylene monomer: CFR Northeast Asia reported $1243.00/ton and carefully investigated the decline of $12. We have become the industry leader in sales in 2016; CFR Southeast Asia reported $1263.00/ton, down $40. Propylene monomer: FOB Korea reported $1228.00/ton, up $2; FOB Japan reported $1227.00/ton, up $3

[polypropylene varieties]

1. External market: the closing of Europe and the United States has greatly strengthened the supervision of the publishing industry

fob Middle East homopolymer PP was flat at 1275-1285 (USD/ton), FD northwest Europe homopolymer PP was up $20 (euro/ton), and Fas Houston homopolymer PP was up $40 (USD/ton)

2. Domestic spot: Sinopec North China pricing sales, mostly wait-and-see

Sinopec North China pricing sales. In the morning trading around Yanshan, the merchants are actively discharging materials, and the middlemen are cautious about the future market, waiting to see the downstream transaction situation; T30S quotation is about yuan/ton. The spot price in Yuyao is mainly stable, the transaction is slightly weak, and the majority of merchants are on the sidelines; Zhenhai T30S was short of goods, and some quotations were in yuan/ton,

3. Warehouse receipt trend: intraday diving, closing down in the middle range

today, 1004, the main force of jubing warehouse orders, opened slightly lower at 11020, rebounded slightly in the morning, and then fell sharply and quickly to the end of the day, closing at 10900, down 1.13%, dragged down by the collective high diving of the bulk futures market. The trading volume decreased and the order volume increased significantly. The K-line of the day closes out the middle Yin line. On the continuous daily chart, the trading center of gravity moved down significantly, covering the upward short jump gap formed on Monday, and closed below the 5-day moving average. On the 30 minute chart, the moving average system (5, 10, 20, 30) turns into a short position. MACD maintains a short position, and the express line enters below the zero axis. In terms of spot goods, it is mainly wait-and-see, and merchants are cautious about the future market. Today, the electronic crude oil market continued to fall, and there was a strong atmosphere of short positions in the bulk futures market. It is recommended to hold multiple light positions in the early stage with caution. Short line reference support 10850, 10800, pressure 11050, 1 can be placed or received 1100 by using the two-way call function

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