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Treasure Island Plastic warehouse receipt 12 China will not only return to the modern trend, but also comment on August 15

Treasure Island warehouse receipt report: polypropylene and linetype rose across the board. The settlement prices of pp1003 and ll1003 today were 10294 yuan/ton and 10990 yuan/ton respectively, up 120 yuan/ton and 102 yuan/ton respectively compared with yesterday's settlement. A total of 1967 batches (9835 tons) were traded throughout the day, 195 fewer than the previous trading day, and the total order volume reached 3664 batches (18320 tons), 17 fewer than the previous trading day

upstream dynamics: crude oil fell slightly, ethylene fell slightly, and propylene remained stable

overnight, international crude oil fell slightly to 69.55, down $0.99. Ethylene monomer: CFR Northeast Asia reported $1147.50/ton, down $2.50; CFR Southeast Asia reported $1215.00/ton, down $2.50. Propylene monomer: FOB Korea reported 1096.00 US dollars/ton, FOB Japan reported 1084.00 US dollars/ton

[polypropylene varieties]

1. External market: closing stable

fob Middle East homopolymer PP was flat at 1182-1184 (USD/ton), FD northwest Europe homopolymer PP was flat at (EUR/ton), and Fas Houston homopolymer PP was flat at (USD/ton)

2. Domestic spot: Sinopec North China has a stable quotation and a good market transaction

the quotation of Sinopec North China is stable. The early trading mentality of PP market around Yanshan is OK, and businesses pay attention to the latest Petrochemical policy. The spot price of PP in Yuyao rose slightly, some slightly higher reports were on the sidelines, and the trading was slightly improved. The three round T30S was reported at 10200 yuan/ton

3. Warehouse receipt trend: concussion rose and closed up slightly

today, the main force of jubing warehouse orders 1003 opened slightly higher, and then rose violently driven by buying, closing at 10350, up 0.78%. Japan K line takes up shadow line and small Yang line. The trading volume decreased slightly and the position increased. On the 30 minute chart, the moving average system (5, 10, 20, 30) is arranged in a long line, and the price runs smoothly along the top of 5. KD should make this small sock a good indicator, and the oversold area has become a dead cross at the beginning. The good news, such as the stabilization of crude oil and the improvement of spot transactions, supported jubing warehouse orders to be close to the upper edge of the early shock range again, facing the test of short-term pressure level 10370, and paying attention to whether there can be a breakthrough tomorrow. Refer to support 10110, 10000, pressure 10370, 10500

[line type]

201 PVC door and window fixing sheet line warehouse receipt 1003 closed at 10990 today, up 0.94% from yesterday's settlement price

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