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PTA Market comments: market participants predict that PTA will be stable after the market, with a small rise

PTA East China spot market quotation is not much. The seller's quotation recently was 8800 yuan/ton, but the purchase price is low, the actual negotiation is yuan/ton, the negotiation is light, and the transaction is thin, which must be stopped manually through emergency stop. The external market is calm, and foreign offers are limited. The offer is 970 US dollars/ton CFR China l/c90 days, but the inquiry intention is not high. In the US dollar/ton CFR, with the development of sharing economy, the country is becoming more and more popular, the negotiation is depressed, the buyer and the seller are deadlocked, and the transaction is not easy

the PTA futures market of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange continued to consolidate today. The main contract ta706 opened at 8704 points and closed at 8744 points, down 38 points, with the highest reaching 8764 points, the lowest reaching 8704 points, and the settlement at 8744 points. Transactions in the futures market were sluggish today, with 3474 transactions in ta706

market trend analysis: just after the May Day holiday, the PTA market is slightly calm, and the wait-and-see atmosphere is strong. Coupled with the decline in oil prices a few days ago, the market mentality is cautious. Market participants expect PTA to rise steadily in the future

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