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The "web-based" information construction of China Railway Third Bureau Second Engineering Co., Ltd. <100000 troops out of Taihang/p>

China Railway Third Bureau Second Engineering Co., Ltd. is subordinate to China Railway Third Bureau Group. It has the first-class qualification of general contracting for railway and highway construction, as well as the mediation, elimination and upgrading of household property under economic stress of people such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation, etc., and is mainly engaged in railway, highway, municipal Industrial and civil construction engineering and the manufacture and production of reinforced concrete beams

with the advent of the information society, how to carry out enterprise information construction, reduce the company's management expenses, meet the needs of the market, improve work efficiency, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises has become a problem faced by every enterprise; In 2002, due to the cancellation of free tickets by railway engineering units, the company's travel expenses increased significantly, and the construction of enterprise network informatization is imperative

after rigorous and systematic demand analysis, under the attention and leadership of the company's leaders, the company decided to start the network office comprehensive information management system to speed up the pace of enterprise information construction

I. system requirements analysis:

current situation of enterprise information construction:

first, hardware construction

a 10m/100m Ethernet local area network covering the company's headquarters has been established, and each department is equipped with corresponding computers and connected to the company's local area network. Each project department is equipped with a corresponding number of computers and has established a peer-to-peer system

1. Local structure: star topology, standard: 100M Fast Ethernet; This structure is easy to maintain and has high stability

2. Host system: Lenovo 2300t server is adopted. The host supports 133MHz system front-end bus and dual PIII CPUs. It has high cost performance, excellent data processing capacity, high availability, and excellent system expansion performance. It can meet the performance requirements of web server, file server, database server and proxy server

3. Network equipment: in the network management center, three switches are connected to the server, one with 3com24 ports and two with Lenovo d-link24 ports, a total of 72 ports; In addition, the business development department and the financial accounting department are each equipped with a 16 port Lenovo D-Link switch; The social management center is equipped with an 8-port hub. The cable is super class 5 twisted pair, and the interface is RJ-45; The client adopts Lenovo D-Link card

the network management center server is connected to the Internet through one model, one cable and ADSL. The client is on the proxy server

4. Clients: most of the newly purchased clients choose compatible ones, and the configuration is basically as follows: CPU: Celeron 1g; Memory: 128M; Hard disk: 40g; Basically meet the requirements of office and information processing

second, software part

1. Operating system: the server is NT4.0, and the client adopts different operating systems due to different hardware configurations; The original configuration computers are: Win95, Win98, WINXP, win2000professional

2. Proxy server: Microsoft proxy server, mainly used for web services

3. Directory service: a domain: domain; Three groups: users, bumen, Lingdao; Each user is divided into different workgroups, but belongs to the same domain. In this way, the permissions of each user are controlled through three levels: domain, group and user name. Such a directory is convenient to control the time and permissions of the upper department, so as to optimize the Internet and make the Internet unimpeded

4. IP address design: in order to facilitate unified management, the IP address is a static address, and an IP address file is established. The server IP address is, and the sub mask is

5. Application software: at present, the financial accounting department has financial management software; The business development department has bidding software; The human resources department has personnel management software

third, after years of construction and development, the enterprise's information construction has made some achievements, and office automation has been basically realized. However, the information sharing and information exchange between all units and departments, especially the project department and the on-site construction team, and the company's headquarters are difficult to achieve, thus forming a relatively closed information island. The company's leadership and management have an increasing demand for information. At present, the main problem of the company's informatization construction is how to establish an information system suitable for the information demand and the current development of information technology, eliminate the "information island", so that decision makers and managers can obtain the information they need anytime and anywhere, so as to make correct and timely decision-making management

system objective: establish a network system covering the whole company to realize office automation and networking; Intelligent management decision

the whole system should be divided into three modules: 1. Automated office system; 2. Decision support system; 3. Information management system

II. Overall system design

the company decided to implement the management information system and adopt the web-based architecture. The web-based architecture has the following characteristics:

1. Give full play to the processing capacity of the server

the database of the server management system handles the inspection of user identity, level and authority, completes the warehousing and management of data, and handles various operations of the client on the database

2. Unified data format

the system extracts data from different operating system platforms and application systems, scientifically defines the software interface for receiving data, and uniformly publishes it through the database. It can replace caproic acid

3, simple and convenient client working environment

the client only needs to install browser software. Various popular software and other working software can be used for information and modification, and users can complete the operation as long as they are familiar with the windows interface

the management information system is divided into two parts, "company information management platform" and "digital office platform based on Internet". The company information management platform is used for the management platform used in the local area of the company's headquarters, which is mainly used for the digital office platform of the users who have entered the local area of the company's headquarters. The digital office platform based on hanging or removing the pendulum thallium on the swing rod and adjusting the buffer valve handle Internet is mainly used for the CtoC (user to user) digital office of the unit/department and the company's headquarters. The information conversion between the two platforms is realized through the database transfer of the network management center. The server support software of the system is: server side installation: iis4.0 or IIS5.0; The client can install IE browser

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