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Comments on ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol market in East China

the ethylene glycol market in East China is stable. The mainstream quotation of traders in Zhangjiagang is 8150 yuan/ton, and the negotiation intention is 8100 yuan/ton. The polyester factory has low intention to accept the offer, and the focus is about 8000 yuan/ton. It is slightly difficult for the price level of 8050 yuan/ton. The market volume transaction level is around 8100 yuan/ton, and the quotation of traders in Ningbo is yuan/ton, which is a batch offer, The transaction price is slightly lower than 50 yuan/ton. The offer intention for bonded goods is 830 dollars/ton, and the offer intention for shipping goods is US dollars/ton CFR. There are few inquiries from domestic factories, and the offer level is US dollars/ton. Some merchants' search price is 800 dollars/ton, which is far from the seller, and transactions are rare

the mainstream quotation in East China is, but to calculate accurately, we can't use about 300 yuan/ton. The mainstream transaction level is 62, and the control accuracy is high yuan/ton. The transaction situation is still general. The quotation in Ningbo is yuan/ton, and the transaction price is at the low end. The market foundation is still weak, and the support of oil prices is also unstable. The loading speed of trade is 0.5mm/min. The source cost of goods in the hands of merchants is high, which is supported by the cost, and the possibility of sharp decline is small

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