5178 words of Tao Te Ching were carved on the hott

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5178 words of Tao Te Ching were carved on the glass.

in Harbin, there is a capable person who can engrave words on glasses, glass teapots and glass bulbs. He is Guo Jukai

Guo Jukai is 45 years old. Since childhood, he likes calligraphy, painting, seal cutting and micro carving. After work, he devoted himself to the study of glass calligraphy art, especially the creation of calligraphy art on glass tea sets. The traditional calligraphy, painting artistic conception and double hook technique are integrated into the field of glass calligraphy and carving, creating a refreshing work, which reflects the spiritual cultivation concept and exquisite skills of "Zen tea blindly"

recently, I was lucky to enjoy more than a dozen "glass engraving" works created by Guo Jukai in his studio. Glass carriers include large and small glass teapots, large and small glass cups, and glass bulbs. Most of the fonts are running script and cursive script. The largest characters are egg yolk size, and the smallest is only 1 mm square. Only with the help of a magnifying glass can you see the strokes of each character. The most amazing thing is that on a glass about 20 cm high and 8 cm in diameter, not only Lao Tzu's head is engraved, but also the 5178 word "Tao Te Ching" is engraved

Guo Jukai said that in the process of creation, he never wore magnifying glasses, even small characters of 1mm in size. In the process of engraving, the heart must be quiet. You can only engrave about 100 words at a time. If you engrave too many words, your heart will be annoyed, and it is easy to engrave wrong words or explode. As long as there is a wrong word in the whole work, it will instantly become waste. If you want to engrave words on glass, you first need extremely hard tools, because the hardness of glass is second only to diamond. After repeated practice, Guo Jukai invented his own small carving knife, which is not only exquisite in appearance, but also very practical. Carving characters on glass bulbs with a thickness of only 1 mm has also been successful

in recent years, the "glass engraving" invented by Guo Jukai has been patented. "Glass calligraphy" won the silver prize of "China original hundred flowers Cup" China Arts and crafts boutique award at the world arts and crafts festival and the 15th China Arts and Crafts Master works and international art boutique Expo, and won the "first prize of the first China traditional arts and crafts celebrity Award" at the first China traditional arts and crafts celebrity exhibition

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