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Electronic transformers: 60% of products export "win by quality"

recently, Lu Zheng, a famous economist and member of the academic department of the Chinese Academy of social sciences who has in-depth research on industrial development, pointed out that the real economy is particularly important for China, because the accumulation and improvement of a country's comprehensive economic strength must be based on its real economy

the real economy is the foundation of a country.

at present, the United States is suffering from the financial storm caused by the subprime mortgage crisis, and all sectors of society are arguing about the decline of the U.S. economy. Lu Zheng believed that although the financial crisis led to the recession of the U.S. economy, it was only short-term, and the fundamentals of the U.S. real economy had not changed, nor had the dominant position of the United States in the world economy been shaken. He believes that this is an important manifestation of the supporting role of the real economy for a country's development

among the current global top 500 enterprises, there are 31 American enterprises in the top 100, compared with 38 in 1998

with the development of China's electronic industry, the electronic transformer industry has also made considerable progress, especially in the past 20 years, the rapid development of science and technology, the wide application of electronic technology in various fields, and the growing demand of users for consumer electronic products have brought infinite vitality to the development of the electronic transformer industry

products from "traditional" to "new"

China's electronic transformer industry has achieved rapid development in the past 20 years:

first, the economic growth rate of the electronic transformer industry has accelerated

electronic transformer is a kind of component supporting the electronic machine and serving the electronic circuit. According to incomplete statistics, there were nearly 3000 factories producing electronic transformers in 2007, with an annual sales revenue of 25 billion yuan, and hundreds of product varieties, which can support all kinds of complete machines. It has leapt to one of the largest electronic transformer manufacturers in the world. 60% of the output of electronic transformers is used to meet the needs of the international market. Through the implementation of the strategy of "winning by quality", the export of electronic transformers has gradually formed a climate

secondly, the technological equipment of the electronic transformer industry is improving day by day

over the past 20 years, the production process of electronic transformers has been improving, from backward manual operation to today's full-automatic mechanization. On the basis of absorbing foreign advanced experience, the production means of electronic transformer has been continuously improved and improved in combination with the actual production situation of our country. For example, in recent years, the production of micro transformers and coils has introduced foreign advanced equipment and production lines, which basically get rid of the state of manual operation, with high production efficiency and good stability and consistency of product quality

finally, electronic transformer products have moved from "traditional" to "new"

20 years ago, electronic transformer products were dominated by large, heavy and thick traditional products. With the development of microelectronics technology and the technological progress of active devices, the volume and weight of electronic complete products were greatly reduced, and the demand for traditional supporting products decreased by about 50%. The other end of the sample was gradually replaced by new supporting products (chip and miniaturization). Market demand has promoted the development of electronic components and parts, including electronic transformers, to light, thin and small. The production process of electronic transformers is undergoing a huge change. In the past 20 years, electronic transformers are also developing in the direction of high frequency, low loss, light weight and small volume

r-type transformer has the characteristics of less magnetic leakage, small no-load current, light weight, thin and so on. It is a new type of electronic transformer. Since 1993, under the hard study of engineers and technicians in China's electronic transformer industry, through more than 10 years of exploration, the production equipment of R-type transformer core and coil has been developed and manufactured, which has made contributions to the localization and manufacturing of new-type R-type transformer

piezoelectric ceramic transformer is also a new type of transformer, which has been widely used abroad. The production of piezoelectric ceramic transformer has changed the traditional production mode of transformer. The main raw materials iron core and enameled wire have been replaced by piezoelectric ceramic materials, which has fundamentally changed the processing technology of transformer. Piezoelectric ceramic transformer has small volume, light weight, thickness less than 4mm, high energy conversion efficiency, no electromagnetic interference and external magnetic field interference, good flame retardancy, and is suitable for high-voltage, low current, low-power, ultra-thin equipment. At present, the research on piezoelectric ceramic transformer is gradually deepening in China, and some enterprises have been able to produce and supply on a small scale

take the road of technological progress

"there is power, there is transformer". With the continuous enrichment of the application of electronic products, the prospect of the electronic transformer industry will be better. In the future, China's electronic transformer industry will show the following development trends:

first, deepen the system reform and accelerate economic growth

with the further implementation of the relevant policies of the state to encourage and support the non-public economy, non-public enterprises have sprung up and shown a momentum of rapid development. These enterprises have led to the improvement of the scientific and technological level of the industry, broadened sales channels, promoted market prosperity, and enhanced the economic vitality of the industry. It is estimated that by the end of the 11th five year plan, the total output of the industry will reach more than 5billion, the product sales revenue will be more than 37billion yuan, and the profit will be more than 1.8 billion yuan

second, the growth of export earning foreign exchange promotes the strengthening of enterprise management

after China's entry into WTO, the international market of electronic transformers is basically in a stable state. In 2007, the export trade value of electronic transformers was about 1.3 billion US dollars. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the export of electronic transformers will increase, which is expected to reach 2billion US dollars, and will continue to maintain a surplus

export earning foreign exchange requires enterprises to implement green environmental protection regulations and produce "green" products that do not contain harmful substances. The enterprise will speed up the process of "green" process technology, put forward new topics in the application of "green" material parts and the improvement of lead-free assembly technology, and implement them

third, market economy will promote technological progress in the industry

electronic transformer enterprises will surely take the road of technological progress in the future development. Despite the market and output of traditional old products, the profit space is very small, and it is impossible to form strong competitiveness. The main profit point of transformers lies in the new generation of high-end products. The rapid rise of passive integration technology and the comprehensive upgrading of micro chip machine products provide transformer enterprises with a technological entry point to achieve leapfrog development

in recent years, the development frontiers of the electronic transformer industry, such as power ferrite materials, soft magnetic alloy materials, amorphous crystalline magnetic materials, nano alloy magnetic materials, piezoelectric ceramics, nano insulating materials, have achieved fruitful development, which has created good conditions for the technological progress of the electronic transformer industry. With the demand for the miniaturization of the whole machine, the electronic transformer will develop in the direction of high frequency, low loss and chip

machine manufacturing, integrated circuits, software, medicine, aerospace, atomic energy, equipment manufacturing, modern agriculture, etc. the real economy of the experimental space for lifting and adjusting the lower beam, coupled with its strong adhesion with paper, metal, wood, cement board, brick wall plastic board, asphalt felt and other fields, is still in the leading position in the world and has strong competitiveness. Therefore, the financial crisis will not shake the real economic foundation of the United States, especially the scientific and technological strength. Lu Zheng pointed out that at present, the United States' dependence on foreign technology accounts for only 5% of its technology sources. From this, it can be seen that the United States is still an innovative country, a powerful industrial production country and a modern agricultural country

Lu Zheng pointed out that the dominant position of the U.S. economy in the global financial and monetary system has not changed, which is determined by the real economy of the U.S. financial and monetary system. In this regard, the investment of 300million to 500million yuan to build smart factories, including the European Union and China, cannot replace the United States at this stage, and thus fundamentally subvert the international financial and monetary system formed after the Second World War

Lu Zheng believes that a country's economy must be based on a competitive real economy, and cannot rely on the capital market to develop and strengthen its competitive strength

changes in enterprise development conditions

for China, we should not only adhere to the real economy as the basis to promote the healthy, stable, sustainable and rapid development of the economy, but also pay attention to the changes in the development conditions of China's real economy and the contradictions it faces

Lu Zheng believes that China is already in the stage of heavy chemical industry, but the sustained and rapid growth of heavy chemical industry has exacerbated the contradiction between supply and demand of resources. According to reports, this contradiction between supply and demand has been relatively large until the first half of this year, and has only recently eased. He pointed out that although the international crude oil and iron ore prices have fallen, the long-term tight supply and demand trend of China's resources has not changed. At present, the current situation of China's industry is still in the process of accelerating the heavy chemical industry. The industrial added value of heavy industry accounts for 69% of the national industrial added value, while the light textile industry accounts for only 31%, which is also one of the important reasons for the tight supply and demand of resources

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