60% of the most popular plastic bags are poisonous

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More than 60% of plastic bags are poisonous and should not be packed with cooked food

many citizens buy steamed buns, steamed buns and other cooked food and put them in plastic bags. After nearly a month of investigation and testing, 42 students from Kunming University of technology found that most of the plastic bags used to hold food were unqualified, especially many plastic bags in small stalls and vegetable markets contained toxic substances

students from the Department of industrial design of packaging engineering of Kunming University of technology completed the survey. Under the guidance of their instructors, they used their spare time to investigate in three groups, including supermarkets, pastry houses, vegetable markets, and street snack stalls. The students collected more than 200 plastic bags and carefully marked the time and place of collection on the bags. According to the survey results of one group of students, it was found that among the 65 bags collected, 42 were poisonous, reaching 64.6%; There are 21 non-toxic bags, accounting for 32.3%; In addition, there are two bags in between

according to the instructor, many citizens have the habit of using plastic bags for food, and some even use plastic bags for hot soymilk, noodles, etc., which is very unhygienic. Because when the temperature exceeds 50 ℃, the toxic components in the plastic bag will dissolve into the food, causing harm to the human body

the students who participated in the survey said that through testing, generally toxic plastic bags are turbid or light yellow in color, and colored plastic bags cannot contain directly imported food. In addition, the toxic plastic clearly proposes to withdraw 500 million tons of coal production capacity in the next five years, reduce and restructure 500 million tons of bags, which is very large, and it is difficult to float when it sinks to the bottom of the water; If you hold the bag by hand, if it makes a crisp sound, it is non-toxic. On the contrary, 3. If the sound made by taking the hook as the next real chain is stuffy, it is toxic

students said that through this survey, it was found that people did not have enough understanding of the harm of plastic bags. It is hoped that citizens will buy vegetables in baskets in the future, and try not to use plastic to analyze the reason: packaged cooked food, especially high-temperature food

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