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The e-commerce bonus period has passed: the traffic of 60-70% of e-commerce stations has declined

% of the traffic of e-commerce stations has declined, and the e-commerce bonus period has basically passed. Jd.com, tmall, Suning Tesco, etc., which are almost fighting with all their strength, maintain the stability of traffic ranking due to various promotional activities

if we talk about the keywords of e-commerce in the past year, I'm afraid it's a price war and bankruptcy. On the one hand, platform level B2C drives vertical e-commerce into an endless price war, and on the other hand, Weimian, pinju, lekutian, houmat, Yaodian 100 and other e-commerce stations that once enjoyed great popularity have collapsed. What stage has China's e-commerce reached? Cao Junbo, chief analyst of iResearch and President of the Research Institute, pointed out that according to iResearch data monitoring, the traffic of% e-commerce stations has declined, and the e-commerce dividend period has basically passed

the traffic of Chengdu e-commerce stations fell

iResearch data shows that there are about 1000 B2C stations in China this year, but only hundreds of them have revenue of tens of millions of yuan, and% of these stations' traffic is declining, and the only real traffic that has increased is that the cooperation gap between operating piston and oil cylinder is too large%

according to the data queried by Sina Technology in Alexa, taking the vertical e-commerce as an example, the ranking of footwear B2C haolemai fell by more than 2000 from last year to this year, only about 6965, while letao, which has transformed its original brand, fell from the highest of more than 3000 to about 20000 now within one year. While jd.com, tmall, Suning e-commerce, etc., which are almost fighting with all their strength, maintain the stability of traffic ranking due to various promotional activities

Cao Junbo believes that the change of traffic means that the shuffle speed of e-commerce is accelerating, and the competition pattern is also accelerating

of course, this is also affected by the general environment: e-commerce has been developing in China for more than 10 years. In 2012, the scale of China's purchase transactions was nearly 1.2 trillion yuan, but in the next four years, the growth rate of the whole purchase transactions is expected to gradually reduce from the previous% to about 30%, that is, into a relatively stable and mature growth trend

although the growth rate of the whole transaction scale has decreased, the organizational structure of China's e-commerce has changed from C2C to B2C in previous years. IResearch's latest data shows that the current purchase proportion has changed from% of C2C to 60% now, while the B2C proportion is approaching 40%. It is certain to seize the C2C market in the future

Cao Junbo quoted iResearch data to say that at present, Taobao tmall accounts for 50% of the B2C share, JD mall accounts for 20%, followed by shopping for 5% and Suning Tesco for 4%. After a year of evolution, this pattern may form a May 21 pattern. It is expected that the overall situation of e-commerce will be basically determined next year

if we want to summarize e-commerce, now the bonus period has basically passed, and small and medium-sized enterprises have no good opportunities because of traffic and so on. 6 Electrical automation control of the whole machine: the price and cost of e-commerce have been very high. Cao Junbo said that in fact, many e-commerce companies have begun to transform to o2o

investors are optimistic about the segmentation of e-commerce

although e-commerce once became a topic of fear in the investment circle, and various e-commerce enterprises also fell into financial difficulties this year, investors still maintain an optimistic attitude towards the e-commerce industry. They believe that some vertical and service fields of e-commerce will have great development prospects

Guojia, senior partner of Yintai capital, takes Jumei premium products as an example. This cosmetics e-commerce that has changed from group purchase mode to B2C has occupied a certain market share. In the next step, we will see Jumei become a brand company from a platform company

last year, Tencent, which invested heavily in 2 vertical e-commerce companies for metallographic microscope, haolemai and Kelan diamond. Peng Zhijian, the managing director of its industrial win-win fund, admitted that he was worried about e-commerce, but he believed that although the economic situation of e-commerce was bad this year, the total volume was still growing, and in difficult times, we could improve efficiency by concentrating on operation

in the past two years, I found that many e-commerce enterprises began to operate delicately this year. We invested in many enterprises. Last year was really a hard year. Everyone killed a lot, blood flowed into a river, and wasted a lot of money. But I think e-commerce has basically been cleaned up by the end of last year, and the sales growth is also very fast. Peng Zhijian said

Long Yu, managing director of Bertelsmann China headquarters, pointed out that e-commerce includes three major parts. In addition to front-end sales, the middle is product strategy and organization, and the back-end is supply chain management. In particular, supply chain is a big topic in China, which requires a long time to solve logistics and payment problems, but e-commerce is an irreversible trend, and in the middle There are also many investments in the backstage. I talked about so many classic opportunities of PP in interior parts

it is difficult to realize in each segment, so if the company can have a good liquidity, it will be more popular. Tong Shihao, the managing partner of Qiming venture capital, said that he also believes that traditional brands like Li Ning, which has accumulated more than 10 years, still have the ability to continue to further develop brands through the Internet

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